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Backing up Google Data using Google Takeout

Below are instructions for backing up your Google data, so that you can access the data once your Loughborough Google account has been disabled.

Instructions can be viewed (Video); printed out (PDF), or followed step-by-step on the page below. Choose whichever format you prefer.

When you have completed this process, return to the Returners homepage for instructions on importing key components into Microsoft Office 365. 

Please note - your Contacts cannot be backed up using this method, separate instructions are available here.

TIP: If your Google Drive has a lot stored in it, delete any files you no longer need before starting the google Takeout process.

Due to data size and required storage space, we recommend you follow this process on your laptop or desktop (not mobile device).

Step 1

Step-by-step instructions

As your Loughborough Gmail account has now been suspended, you will need to log into your Loughborough Univeristy Google Drive account to back up all your Google data (*excluding contacts):

Step 2

Open a separate tab and visit the Google Takeout website:

Step 3

Make sure all Google products you want to move have a green tick in the check box next to them. Safest selection is to select ALL.

Click NEXT

Step 4

In the new window:

Select ZIP

Select Send Download link via email

then Create Archive

Google will start converting and archiving all the Google content you ticked

Step 5 Takeout 8

Google will send an email when your archive is ready for download. This may take some time depending on how much data is being transferred

Step 6 Improved Google email re Takeout

When you receive the email from Google, select Download Archive

and save to the location of your choosing

Step 7

Once downloaded, extract the files from the .zip folder, so that you can access them when importing in the future. 

Your Google Drive files should now be available in Microsoft Office formats in the archive.


*Instructions are available to import your Calendars and Contacts into Microsoft Office 365 Outlook and to upload your Google Drive files into OneDrive for Business