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Important Information: ACTION REQUIRED if returning to campus in the Autumn


If you are returning to continue your studies in the Autumn, be aware that your email is moving over the summer and YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION!

Your email is moving from Gmail to Office 365 Outlook, to provide you with an upgraded experience including a better interface and better offline access.

An Office 365 Outlook email account will be provided to compliment your OneDrive and Office Online services. We will upgrade your Gmail to Office 365 Outlook but YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for backing up everything else from Google services.

It is important that you BACKUP any data stored in Google products prior to the cutoff of Google services. DON’T WAIT and risk losing your important contacts, documents, photos etc.

Please click on the tabs below for more information and detail of actions you need to take.



What's Happening?

Emails will transition from Google to Microsoft in September 2017.

Contacts and calendars will NOT transition with emails, so you will need to back these up before September to ensure you don't lose any personal entries. Your University timetable and University contacts will be available.

All remaining Google services will be removed on December 1st 2017.

In preparation, we strongly advise that you start backing up any files, documents and downloads that you may wish to retain for future use. 

Action you need to take now:

Backup EVERYTHING on Google, including Calendar, Contacts, Photos, etc.

Don’t wait and risk losing your hard work and important data

Learn How - the next tab provides instructions for how to backup your data from Google services.



To Export Everything From Your Google Services

Don’t worry. It’s easier than you think. Below are step-by-step instructions for how to take copies of all your Google data.

Due to data size and required storage space, we recommend you follow this process on your laptop or desktop using the web browser of your choosing (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.)

Step 1

Visit the Google Takeout website:



* Be sure you are logged into your Loughborough University account (not your personal account if you have multiple Google accounts)

Step 2

Make sure all Google products you want to move have a green tick in the check box next to them. Safest selection is to select ALL.

DO NOT click Next yet

*your view may be different depending on which additional Google products you have

Step 3

Specific to Contacts, you need to change the format from vCard to CSV

To do this, Click the drop-down arrow for Contacts

Click the drop-down arrow next to ‘vCard’ to see other options

Select Comma-separated values (CSV)

Step 4 Takeout 6

Now contacts are in CSV format and all Google products are selected, Click ‘Next’ at the bottom of the page

Step 5

Select ZIP

Select Send Download link via email

then Create Archive

Google will start converting and archiving all the Google content you ticked

Step 6 Takeout 8

Once complete, Google will send an email and provide a download button.

You can see from the description on the page that Google says the archive is being prepared, but may take some time, depending on how much data you are transferring.

Step 7 Improved Google email re Takeout

Once your archive is prepared and ready for transfer, you will receive an email from Google.

From that email Select Download Archive

Step 8 Takeout 10

Select Download

(Number of products shown will be different for each user / account)

Select Save As by clicking on the drop down arrow next to the word Save and store your files in a storage location of your choice.

Once Downloaded, all of your files will be available in Microsoft format in the archive.

Why is email moving to Office 365 Outlook?

The University is constantly aiming to provide the best services to students. Following a recent widescale review, Office 365 was identified as providing optimum services and experience for students.

How will this change affect me?

An Office 365 Outlook email account will be provided to compliment your OneDrive and Office Online services. Subsequently your existing Gmail account will be removed.

What steps do I need to take and when?

Any important data should be backed up using the Google Takeout tool prior to these changes.

Email will change in September 2017

All other Google Services will be removed December 2017

Can I still keep my stuff on Google?

No. Your data in any Google services will not be accessible from December 1st, 2017. Please ensure you backup all data related to Google services to a suitable storage source.

Restore Instructions

Restore instructions will be coming soon. In the meantime keep your backup data safe.