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Important Information

The following applies to Undergraduate and PGT students only.

If you have a University Google account, please be aware that changes have been made to your email during September. Your Gmail email has been upgraded to Microsoft Office 365 Outlook.

Your Loughborough student email address itself will not change, however, as part of this change the underlying Google Gmail account will be withdrawn and your emails will be moved to your new Microsoft account.

You can access your email using this webmail link and log in with your University username and password.

Action Required

The University is moving fully to Microsoft O365 services, this will affect your access to all Google services.

If you have used applications on Google other than Gmail such as Google Drive and Contacts and Calendars, you will need to back up your data to ensure you do not lose your work, photos etc. please note this action must be completed before December 1st. All Google services will be removed after this date. Please click on Backup Instructions for Google Takeout or Video instructions for guidance on how to do this.