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IT Account Status

If you are leaving the University this year, returning to study after a gap year or Placement, or you are a University Alumni, the status of your IT account will change to reflect this. Please click on the information tabs below for actions you may need to take. 

Important Information: Action Required if Leaving

Account expiry will apply to all final year undergraduate students and any students who are terminating their period of study.

On completion or termination of your studies, your student record will be updated to reflect that you are leaving. Once your record shows you have completed or terminated your studies, your IT user account will enter a 30 day expiry period. Unfortunately, we cannot specify the exact date that this will happen, as it varies from course to course.

During the 30 day expiry period, you will have full access to services to systems such as Email, Google Apps, Learn, Athens and your Documents area (U drive). However, after this period, access to your account, and all University systems, will expire.

What will happen to my IT account?

Loughborough University IT Services will send out notifications via email prior to the end of the academic year to notify students of the action they need to take prior to account expiration to help prevent permanent loss of data.

Account expiry will affect your access to systems such as Email, Learn, Google Apps, OneDrive, Athens and your Documents area (U drive) will lapse.

In preparation, we strongly advise that you start backing up any files, documents and downloads that you may wish to retain for future use. 



 Any emails that you may need in future from your student mailbox.

 Any data you wish to keep from all of your Google Apps.

(Google Drive, Google Calendar etc.)

IF you have started to use OneDrive with your student account, you will need to backup this data as well. 

Any information from Learn that you may need in future (Module content, exam results, lecture notes etc.)

You can download or export content.

Any files you have saved in your Documents area (U-drive) to a USB, or other personal storage areas for future use.


Any online accounts which you have registered using your university email address. Replace this with your personal (none-university) email address

(Amazon, Google Play Store, online store accounts, social media accounts etc.) 

Contacts and documents which quote your University email address. Replace this with your personal (none-university) email address.

(On your CV, job applications, with companies you have been in contact with etc.)


Any remaining Print Credits by taking your student card and bank card to Creative & Print Services in the Herbert Manzoni Building. Credit that is not redeemed prior to account expiry will be lost.

Creative & Print Services is open Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm. They can also be contacted via or tel (01509) 222190.

Important Information: Students Returning to the University

If you are returning to study in the next academic year, on your current programme, the "Leaving" information does not apply to you. Your account (and access) will remain the same.

If you are completing a Placement in the next academic year, the "Leaving" information does not apply to you. Your account (and access) will remain the same.

If you are returning to study on a different programme, then your account will expire as if you were permanently leaving the university


  • If you return to do Postgrad Taught Study, your account will be reactivated when you return. Previous data will NOT be accessible when you return, so you need to complete the actions listed on the Leaving page.
  • If you return to do Postgrad Research Study, you will be issued with a brand new account when you return, so you need to complete the actions listed on the Leaving page.

Important Information: Changes to your Alumni Services

As a result of updates to the way the University is managing its IT Systems, a number of changes are taking place which heavily effect all Google services the University supplies to its students, staff and alumni. This includes alumni email accounts, which means that email accounts will be unavailable from 1st December 2017.

This change follows a university-wide consultation that began in 2015 which considered the needs of the University in the changing digital landscape and will allow the University to unify the majority of its services and replace them with cloud-based solutions through the Microsoft Office 365 suite.

All current Google services available to all students and Alumni will be decommissioned on 1 December 2017 - this includes the email accounts. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not offer an alumni-email product which is compatible with Office 365 suite.

The University has taken into consideration all the implications that this change will have on alumni services and the alumni that use them throughout the full consultation and implementation period.

Further information and advice is available on the Alumni Association pages, including some helpful FAQs.  

 If you need further assistance, please contact IT Services by e-mailing, or by phoning (01509) 222333