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Leaving or Graduating?

Students are no longer provided with an Alumni account when they graduate, so all the data from existing accounts will be lost when it expires. 

On completion or termination of your studies, your IT user account will enter a 30-day expiry period. Unfortunately, we are unable to specify the exact date this will happen, as it varies from school to school, as well as if you are doing resits.

If you are returning to the university for further study or as staff, please see FAQs.

Please see the below tabs for more information

During the 30-day expiry period, you still have access to email, Office 365, Learn, Athens, your documents area (U drive), and the Student Self Service Portal. Please take the following steps to ensure you are ready for your account to expire:


  • Any contacts/ documents which quote your university email address to a personal email address, including CV & job applications
  • Any online accounts which are registered using your University email address (Amazon, social media, etc.)


  • Documents stored in your documents area (U drive)
  • Documents you want to keep from LEARN (download/ export content)
  • Data stored in your OneDrive student account
  • Emails stored in your student account that you may need in the future (forward to a personal account)


  • Remaining printing credits (refund can be provided by visiting Creative & Print Services in Herbert Manzoni)
  • Remaining Cash+ funds (refund can be provided by visiting the campus card desk in Herbert Manzoni, £10 charge applies)
  • Remaining diners+ units until 28th June 2018 (no refund can be provided, after this date all units are lost as Dining Halls close over the summer, this applies to all students)


  • Clear any fines on your library account and return any books by 22nd June 2018 (date applies to UG Finalists)

For further assistance, please contact IT Services via


Log into your Loughborough University OneDrive for Business account:


Select the files/ folders you want to save by hovering over the file and clicking the checkmark.


Once you have selected all the files, click Download.

the download should now begin


Save As window will pop-up, 

select the location, and click Save.

The files downloaded will be saved in a ZIP folder and you will need to extract the files in order to remove them from the folder.

When will my account expire?

On completion or termination of your studies, your student record will be updated to reflect that you are leaving. Once your record shows you have completed or terminated your studies, your IT user account will enter a 30 day expiry period. Unfortunately, we cannot specify the exact date that this will happen, as it varies from course to course.

Will my account expire if I return to study on a different programme?

Yes. If you are returning to study on a different programme, then your account will expire as if you were permanently leaving the University.


  • If you return to do Postgraduate Taught Study, your account will be reactivated when you return. However, previous data will NOT be accessible when you return, so you need to back up your data from your previous account. (see Steps to Take tab for more information)
  • If you return to do Postgraduate Research Study, you will be issued with a brand new accountwhen you return, so you need to back up your data from your previous account. (see Steps to Take tab for more information)


What will happen to my account if I'm doing resits?

If you are doing resits, we would not expect your account to expire until you complete the resit exams. During this period you will have access to email, Office 365, Learn, Athens and your documents (U Drive).

It is only when your student record is marked to say you have completed, left/withdrawn or similar that your account would go into the 30-day expiry period.

IT Services do not control your student record so it can be difficult for us to say when the status change will happen, as it varies between schools.

Will I still have access to the Student Self-Service Portal when the account expires?

No, when your IT User Account expires, you will lose access to all University resources and portals. Please take time before you leave to change any addresses and email addresses as necessary. 

For more information please contact the IT Service Desk via

Can I link or set up forwarding rules for my University email account to a personal account during the 30 day expiry period?

During the 30 day expiry period, you will still have full access to your University email account and thus can set up any rules you wish. However, when your account does expire, all these rules will also expire including any forwarding rules. Therefore, you need to change all areas where your University email account is mentioned to a personal email address to ensure you continue to receive important emails. 

You will also need to forward any important emails from your University email to your personal account if you need to retain them. 

Will I lose access to when I leave?

Yes. As is attached to your University account, you will lose access to this when your account expires.