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If you want to set up printing from your computer, you will need to be connected to the campus network by one of the following:

Wireless (eduroam)

Windows Configuration


Start Button

Click on the Windows Start button.

2 Screen image: Start and Search programs and files.


Vista / Windows 7 - In the Search programs and files entry, type in Run and press enter.

Windows XP - Click on Run...


In the box that appears please type:

For students \\ then click OK

For Staff \\ then click OK


Enter lunet\username and password

When prompted for your login/password please type like the following. Login: lunet\your username. Password: your password. Click OK.


Select mono and colour printers

Depending on staff or student.

You will be presented with a list of printers, double click on student-mono for students (including taught-course postgraduates) or staff-mono for members of staff (including research postgraduates) and wait for it to install.

You will be asked if you trust the driver, click on Yes/OK.

When the mono install has finished, double click on student-colour for students or staff-colour for staff to install the follow-me colour printer.

Windows 8 Configuartion


Start Menu

Go to the Start menu by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard or hover your mouse in the bottom left of the screen and click on the Start icon when it appears.


Run Application

Type in the word 'RUN', this will bring up a search box on the right hand side of the screen, when complete click on the run application (the top result) 


Enter Information

For students \\ then click OK

For Staff \\ then click OK


Enter your Credentials

Enter in your username and password in the following format lunet\username and your Loughborough University IT Account password in the password field


Select Printer

Following your login you will be presented with a list of University printers, scroll down the list until you find the student-mono printer, double click this and let your computer install the necessary files to connect to this printer.


Installing Colour Printer

To install the student colour printer onto your Window 8 PC follow the instructions given in step 5, this time find the student-colour printer.


Installation Completed

Once the installation is complete you will be able to use these printers from an application of your choice.

Windows 10 instructions

Details Windows 10 Print instructions

Coming soon

Mac OS X Configuration

Printing is supported from OS X 10.8 and newer.

In order to connect Macs to the central print service, please follow the process below....


Dowload Ricoh drivers and install

Download the latest Ricoh drivers for the Mac OS and install them.


Select Run and System Preferences

  1. Run the RicohPrinterDrivers.pkg
  2. Navigate to System Preferences and click on Print and Scan.
3 Screen image: Print & Fax.


Click the + symbol to add a new printer.

4 Screen image: Contextual menu.

Ensure Advanced option is in Add Printer window

If you don't have the Advanced option in your Add Printer window, Ctrl-click on the tool bar area and select Customize Toolbar from the pop-up menu. Drag Advanced to the toolbar.


Click Advanced

Click Advanced on the toolbar.

6 Screen image: Add Printer.

Complete URL field

Next to the Type field, select the drop down menu and select Windows printer via spools.

The URL field should be filled in in the form of….

smb:// – See Cups



smb://– See Cups


The Name field will auto-populate.  In the name field put in the short name for the queue (e.g. staff-mono)


Select Ricoh Aficio MP C5000 PS

8 screen grab: mac image of spool settings.

Complete URL field

All fields are now completed

Click on Add


Select Option Tray

Select the drop down menu next to the Option Tray field and select Lower Paper Trays.

Click on OK


Open up the Safari Web browser

Type http://localhost:631

You will see the displayed message.


Launch Terminal

Launch Terminal

Type cupsctl WebInterface=yes


Refresh the Browser

Refresh the browser

Click on the Administration Tab

Select the Manage Printers button

Select the relevant Printer under Queue name


Set Default Options

Click on the 2nd drop-down list (which will currently be displaying Administration).

Select Set Default Options from the list that appears.


Click on the Policies option.

Click on the drop down menu next to the Error Policy field and select retry-current-job.


Select General Option

For mono printers select the drop down menu next to the Colour Mode field and select Black and White. For colour printers select the drop down menu next to the Colour Mode field and select Colour.

Navigate to the bottom of the page and select Set Default Options

Optional: By default CUPS assigns all prints to single sided, to change this, change the duplex option from off to long Edge. Note this option should be changed if you wish to print to duplex(double sided) by default, if you only occasionally wish to print via duplex, then this can be done via the print window in the application you wish to print from.

Enter Admin credentials.

Repeat for other printers if required.

Once all printers have been configured, we recommend disabling the CUPS web interface for security purposes. To do this, launch Terminal, and type cupsctl WebInterface=no and press Enter.


When Printing

If you are not bound to the domain when printing you will be prompted for your username and password.

Ensure that Registered User is selected, enter Name in the format username and Password completed with your University password.

If you are the sole user of your system you may choose to Remember this password in my keychain which means you will no longer be prompted for your username and password as the job will be sent to the printer automatically, and you will be charged accordingly when you print.

Collecting a Printout

1 Image: Safecon console.

Switch On

If the printer is in power saving mode then press the flashing green button to awaken it.

2 Screen image: Windows Login.

Log in

Place your University ID card near the black box (labelled SafeCom) on the right of the machine. As an alternative, press on the touch-screen and then using the on-screen keyboard enter your username followed by OK, then your password followed by OK, and finally press Login.

Always remember to Logout after you have finished using the printer / copier.

3 Screen image: Select screen.

Available Options

From the menu screen you can choose to Print or (scan to) E-mail.

4 Screen image: Printing...

Press on the jobs you wish to print and then press the Print button on the bottom left of the screen.

Always remember to Logout after you have finished using the printer / copier.

5 Diagram: Copy button on console.


Press the button labelled COPY on the top left of the console to access the copying features.

When you have finished copying press the button labelled MENU on the bottom left of the console to return to the main menu screen.

Always remember to Logout after you have finished using the printer / copier

6 Screen image: Ready to scan your documents.


Put the page you wish on scan face down under the glass and press the Send button to e-mail it to yourself.

Always remember to Logout after you have finished using the printer / copier.

Printer locations

Where can I find a printer?

The Student-Colour and Student-Mono queues print to the following general access locations. Each of these locations can print A3 and A4 in either colour or black and white, except where noted.

Print / Copy Device General Access Locations



Haslegrave Ground Floor

 Service Desk IT.Services

Design Centre outside LDS004

Service Desk IT.Services

Chemical Engineering S006 Chemical Engineering

(Mono only)

Service Desk IT.Services

SMB Stewart Mason Postgraduates
(Colour printer outside SMB109, Mono printer on Mezzanine floor)

Service Desk IT.Services

Student Village Hub Reception
(A4 mono or colour, no A3 output)

Receptionist or
Service Desk IT.Services

Library Four devices on level 3 (entry floor), two on level 2, and one on level 1

PC Clinic IT.Services

John Cooper Outside YY009

Service Desk IT.Services

Printing Costs

The charges for printing are outlined below. You will need to ensure that you have enough print credits prior to sending your job to the print queue.  If you do not have enough credit on your account you will not be able to collect your print. You will be able to submit print jobs with no or low credit.



















Scan to email is FREE.

Print credits

Print credits are allocated to your user account and can be purchased from the ePayments system using a debit or credit card. You can also purchase printer credits from the Information Desk in the University Library (cash or credit / debit card) during opening hours: minimum Cash-Only payment for print credits of £1.00 and minimum charge of £5.00 for debit/credit card.

If you are off campus you will need to use the VPN service before you can use the ePayments systems.

If you are printing to the Creative & Print poster printers (A0 plotters) these are covered by your printer credits, but if you are using other Design & Print services you will have to pay cash at their Reception desk.

To save you money print in duplex (double sided).  IT Services have set all student printers to default to duplex.

There is a 16% discount or more if you print in monochrome duplex. For example, printing two sheets of A4 monochrome single sided costs 6p, that's 3p per sheet. Printing the same two sheets of A4 monochrome duplex (double sided) costs 5p per sheet - a saving of 1p.


Any query regarding the refund of print credits should be directed to Creative and Print Services in the Manzoni Building.

Staff Printing Charges

When staff print, the SafeCom print service management software will record their print activity and assign a charge as detailed above. Departments will be charged for all printing carried out by their staff regardless of the device used. This means that charges may appear on the bill for use of printers outside of the department’s immediate location or building.

At the start of each financial quarter the IT Services Management Support Office will email a report detailing the charges for the previous quarter to the designated contacts.

Those contacts will be asked to review the charges and raise and issues or concerns within the timescales detailed.

After the agreed deadline the charges will be taken from the project codes detailed in the report via a General Ledger Transfer in Agresso.