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Where can I find out when a lab is booked?

Booking information for labs that are managed by IT Services is available. Follow the link. Most labs have booking information displayed on or near the door.

If a member of staff asks you to leave the lab as a booked class is about to start, please do so promptly and without fuss.

Where are the Labs, and what software do they have?

Details of where you can find IT Services managed labs, and selected others, can be found via the link below.

Lab Location

You can find an IT Service lab by software availability following the link below.

Lab Sofware

The labs are quite busy; do any of them currently have spare seats?

Details of where you can find IT Services managed labs, and selected others, can be found via the link below.

PC Lab Availability

How do I switch it on?

For all non-Mac computers, the power button is on the front of the PC unit. Depending on the lab, the PC may be located on or under the desk.

For iMacs, the power button is on the back of the computer in the lower left hand corner.

What's different about Multi-Boot iMac Labs?

The Multi-Boot iMac Labs offer both Mac OSX and Windows 7 as boot options. On boot, you will be asked to select which operating system you would like. This can be selected using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Press Enter to make your choice. If no choice is made after 60 seconds the Mac OS will automatically boot.

Staff and School of Science students can also connect to a remote Linux OS session from either the Windows or Mac OS. An icon for this is located in the Start Menu and Dock respectively.

How do I log in?

On Windows, press Ctrl, Alt and Delete simultaneously. Press OK to accept the AUP message and then login with your usual credentials.

On the Mac OS, click Accept to accept the AUP message. You can then login with your usual username and password.

How do I save my work so that it is available when I return?

On Windows, please save your work to your Documents folder. This is automatically linked to your Individual Workspace, so will follow you to any PC you log into.

On the Mac OS, your Individual Workspace will automatically be mapped to your desktop. This will appear as an icon labelled with your username, such as the one below. Please save your work to this location, and it will follow you to any other PC you login to.

Information on Individual Workspaces‌

Where can I use a USB drive?

iMacs have USB slots on both sides of the keyboard, and on the back in the lower right hand corner.

Non-Macs have USB slots on the front of the PC unit, which may be located either on the desk or beneath it. Some non-Mac labs also have keyboards that have USB slots on the top.

Can I store my documents on the desktop?

No, please do not save any documents on the lab computers. IT Services recommend you use your Individual Workspace (as described above) for work / study documents. OneDrive for Business or a USB stick are suitable alternatives. Any settings and documents are automatically deleted from Windows 2 days after they were last used, and 8 days after they were last used on a Mac. Data can NOT be recovered after this time.

Any document stored in Documents will be available next time you use any University computer and moreover this is backed up. This individual file store is also available from your Hall study bedroom.

How do I log off?

On Windows, click Start and Log off.

On Mac OSX, click the Apple icon in the top left corner, and choose Log Out <name>.

How do I access data/files provided by my lecturer/tutor?

Some lecturers provide teaching materials via Learn.

Some lecturers alternatively make teaching material available on individual module workspaces. These will automatically map to your Workspaces folder on Windows PCs

Where can I print to?

Most labs now use the ‘Follow Me’ print service, which allows you to print from anywhere to any of the multi-function printers on the service. For more information, please see our Printing in Labs webpage.

Some labs in academic departments use printers that are managed by that department. For assistance with these, please contact the department’s IT support.

I'm a Lecturer - How do I publish files to TeachDoc?

TeachDoc is used by some lecturers to provide access to teaching materials.

  1. Login to your office P.C. (Windows).
  2. Right-click Computer (Windows 7).
  3. Select Map Network Drive.
  4. Select an unused drive letter.
  5. In the Folder: entry enter
  6. Click Finish.
  7. Connect as lunet\username with your University password.
  8. A window displaying the contents of the TeachDoc directory should open up. Check for the existence of a sub-directory for your department. Underneath this directory you should find the directory set up for you.
  9. Copy your data files into this sub-directory.

Note that Learn is the preferred location.