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Computer Labs

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Code of Practice

  1. No eating or smoking in the lab at any time.

  2. You may only drink in the Labs from closed, spill-proof containers.

  3. All activity in these labs is subject to the Loughborough University IT Acceptable Use Policy 

  4. Lab bookings are published by the door of each room, and are available on the IT Services Labs web pages.

  5. You must not leave your computer logged on and unattended for any period.

  6. You may not connect your own computer to the wired network in the computer labs, as this contravenes the IT Acceptable Use Policy. You may, however, connect to the eduroam WiFi network (instructions are available).

  7. You must not download or attempt to install any software on the lab computers

  8. Any files which you wish to keep must be saved on your Loughborough University individual network drive (Documents).

  9. The usage of lab computers, and the software installed on them, is automatically logged in accordance with the IT Acceptable Use Policy.

  10. Users are advised to take regular breaks when using a computer for an extended period of time.

  11. Please keep your ID card with you when using the Lab.

  12. Please report any faulty computers, software problems or problems with the room to

Remember that the abuse of any of the University's computing facilities or policies may be subject to disciplinary action.