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Accessibility - Labs and Staff Windows 7 Managed Service


The Windows 7 Service allows staff and students to set up display preferences on one computer and have those follow them to all other computers on the service.

This will be of particular use to those with visual impairments who require high contrast colour schemes or different font sizes. Changing the colours may also be of use to those with dyslexia.



Right click on the desktop and select Personalize.

2 Screen image: Personalization: Window color option.

"Window Color"

You can select one of the built-in themes which may suit your needs, or may provide a starting point for further customisation. Select Window Color at the bottom of the window. 

3 Screen image: Windows Color and Appearance.

Advanced Appearance settings

Optionally select the Advanced Appearance settings... link. Make any required changes. Once you have finished click Apply and OK.

4 Screen image: Save theme.


When you have finished setting your preferences click on Save changes. To save it as a customised theme select Save theme to the right and give the theme a name.



Right click on your new theme and select Save theme for sharing.


File name

Save the theme to your Documents area with the file name myprefs.themepack.

You must use this name for the settings to apply on other computers.

This saved theme will be applied whenever you log on to a computer using the Windows 7 managed Service (in a Computer Lab or a Staff managed computer). You can make changes and re-save the theme at any time.