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Migrating Data from Google Drive to OneDrive for Business

Transferring a lot of data across from Google Drive will be noticeably faster when you are on the Loughborough campus and will avoid any issues with using the VPN and home broadband.

This process will convert all your Google Docs/Sheets into Microsoft Office equivalents, so that you are not required to access Google to view/edit the files.

Please ensure you have your Loughborough credentials on hand in order to access your student email accounts. 


The University will stop providing Google Drive for:

  • Students (Undergraduate and PG Taught) and Alumni from December 2017
  • PG Research and Staff from June 2019

It is important that you take action yourself to migrate your data before these deadlines. Failure to proactively migrate your data will result in lost data and IT Services will be unable to restore any lost Google Drive data.

Step 1

Clean your Google Drive: Delete and remove any unwanted files and folders

* If you have an extremely large Google Drive, with the majority of files being Research Data, Archives or non-Google Doc format files - Simply drag and drop these files using the Google Drive client and drop/save the files to your individual file store or direct to OneDrive.

-  Delete any files you have successfully copied/ removed from Google Drive to minimise files which are going through the conversion process.

-  Once you have a reasonable Google Drive size of circa 10MB, or below, or have ONLY Google Doc files left; you are ready to move on to the next step.

Step 2

Visit the Google Takeout website:

*Be sure you are logged into your Loughborough University account (not your personal account if you have multiple Google accounts)

Step 3 migrating from google drive to onedrive

The page will show all green ticks next to the Google Products, however we only need to extract the Google Drive data

Choose Select none

Step 4 migrating from google drive to onedrive

Select Drive

This stage is critical to convert Google Docs and files to Microsoft Office formats

Click Next

Step 5 Migrating from google drive to onedrive

Select ZIP

Select Send Download link via email

then Create archive

Step 6 migrating from google drive to onedrive

Google will start converting and archiving all of the Google Drive content.

This may take some time, depending on how much content you have stored on Google Drive

Step 7 migrating from google drive to onedrive

Once complete, Google will send an email and provide a download link.

Select Download

Step 8 migrating from google drive to onedrive

Once the download is complete, all your files will be available in Microsoft format in the archive. This can be found in your Downloads folder.

Step 9

Drag and drop these files into your OneDrive for Business

Step 10 migrating from google drive to onedrive

Google will also send you an email with a link to the converted content