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Office 365

What is Office 365 and what features are available to me?

The Office 365 suite is an online version of the traditional Microsoft Office software. This online service includes Office Online, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online. The number and type of applications that are available changes regularly and the options you have available may not be all that are listed here. If you require more information please refer to the following page: MS Office 365

How often will new features be available?

Office 365 is offered as an evergreen (online) service whereby new features are delivered continuously so great new applications are available almost every day!  Office 365 offers a first-release programme whereby some individuals receive new features before the wider rollout.  Several members of IT Services staff are on this programme in order to test new features in our specific setup, and make applications available that will compliment the way we work.

Can I still use the services without a connection to the Internet?

It is possible to use Office 365 offline in some cases.  For example, Email, Calendar, People, and OneDrive for Business all offer offline or synchronisation functionality so that you can continue to work even when no Internet connection is available. More information can be found here

What if I lose my connection whilst working on a document, or whilst saving?

If you are using PC or mobile device with the OneDrive for Business Sync Client ( you can work on your documents independently of your internet connection.  Using Office Online requires an internet connection but Office Online saves your work automatically so if you lose your connection any loss should be minimal. 

Where documents are synchronised to your device there would be no impact as your device would simply resume the synchronisation process when the connection returned.  If you are editing a document or using Email online via a Web Browser the built-in autosave features would minimise any loss.

Who supports me when using Cloud Services?

Support is provided by IT Services in the same way as On-Premises services 

Will I be able to import my Timetable into Outlook Calendar?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to import/access your Loughborough Timetable through Outlook Calendar, unless you add the details yourself. However, the new myLboro app will allow you to easily access your Timetable on your phones, and we encourage you to download it as it has a number of additional benefits as well. 

The app is currently available in the Apple App Store and Google Play store. 


When will I be able to access my Office 365 email?

New students will be provided with email accounts once they have a confirmed place at the University as part of the University confirmation process.

Existing students will have an Office 365 email account from September 2017.

I'm an existing student will my old email be moved to my new account?

All emails contained within your old email account will be moved to your new Office 365 mail account. Contacts, calendars and timetables will not be moved - information on how to move data from your legacy Google service can be found here:-

How do I access my email?

The Outlook Web App allows you to access your email, calendar and contacts online from any location.

These can be found at

How do I search for staff or student email addresses?

The system will automatically search for email addresses found in the Loughborough directory as you enter them.

What happens to my email account when I leave the University?

When you leave the University your account will enter an expiry period of 30 days within which you can still access you email for important information. Once this period is complete your account will be deleted and no longer be accessible.

With Microsoft Office 365 everyone sees my calendar as free/busy. How do I change this?

Student email is being upgraded over summer 2017 from Google to Microsoft Office 365 in line with Staff email.

Once complete staff and students will be on the same system (Office 365). This means they will have the same rights and permissions as staff, which is a change to the current configuration.

You can specifically assign Calendar viewing permissions, determining who can and cannot see your calendar details. The default permissions on all calendars are Free/Busy. This means that all staff and students, assuming you have not changed permissions on your calendar, will be able to see which times you have booked out in your calendar, but not the details.

Calendar Properties


If you wish to change what others can see on your work calendar you will need to modify their permissions. Information on how to do this can be found in the link below:

After a mailbox is created, users can change the permissions on their calendar as they wish. Any permissions that are explicitly set for a person or group of people take precedence over any default settings.

If you need help, and have checked through the information in the links above, please contact IT Service Desk on 01509 222333 or email

OneDrive for Business 

What is OneDrive for Business?

OneDrive for Business is an integral part of Office 365, that provides a place for you to store, share, and sync your work files. You can update and share your files from any device with OneDrive for Business. You can even work on Office documents with others at the same time. Click here for more information.  

What is the difference between OneDrive for Business and just OneDrive?

You may already have OneDrive at home with your free consumer Microsoft/ account.  This is a personal/consumer service and is not provided or managed by IT Services at Loughborough University. 

IT Services provide your OneDrive for Business for University related purposes. Your OneDrive for Business is managed by Loughborough University and lets you share and collaborate on work documents with co-workers.

What benefits does this offer me over typical “onsite” file store?

Unlimited capacity – starting at 5TB per person, with the University able to request higher amounts where required for University activities. 

Security – With online storage services, data is encrypted both during transmission and while at rest, ensuring no unauthorized users can access the files.

Recovery – Your documents are automatically backed up.  A recycle bin and complete version makes recovering work quick and simple.

Accessibility – From tablets to smartphones, netbooks to desktops, you can access your account from any internet connection, whether you're on a mobile browser or a University computer.

Syncing – Syncing ensures your files are automatically updated across all of your devices. This way, the latest version of a file you saved on your desktop is available on your smartphone.

Sharing – Whether you want to share a single document or an entire folder with hundreds of documents, OneDrive for Business allows you to easily share files with just a few clicks.

Collaboration – OneDrive for Business allows multiple people to edit and collaborate on a single file or document. You don’t have to worry about tracking the latest version or who has made what changes!

How do I access OneDrive for Business?

OneDrive for Business can be accessed via a web browser at

In University provided computer labs you will access your OneDrive for Business by using the web browser or the internet shortcut provided on the desktop.

How can I access my files if I forget my OneDrive for Business password?

If you forget your University log-in/password please follow the guidance on our password guidance pages.

How can I access my files if I delete them from OneDrive for Business?

You can restore them from the Recycle Bin following the guidance from Office Support: Finding lost/missing files & Restoring previous document versions

Are there any restrictions when saving to OneDrive for Business?

There are some restrictions and limitations when you sync files and folders, including certain strings in filenames such as COM[1-9], LPT[1-9], NUL and AUX. For a full list please see here. However, it should be noted that with web services like Office 365 these change quickly.  For example, at the time of writing, the file name path limit has increased – Click here for more information.

Can I change the account I use with OneDrive?

You can change the account you use with OneDrive, but you can't use the folder with multiple accounts at the same time.

To change the account you use with OneDrive:

  1. Right-click the OneDrive icon in the notification area, at the far right of the taskbar. (You might need to click the Show hidden icons arrow next to the notification area to see the icon.)

  2. On the Settings/Accounts tab, click Unlink OneDrive.

  3. Restart OneDrive and sign in with the account you want to use. You'll need to select the location for your OneDrive folder again. If you select the same location, the folders for both accounts will be merged. If the PC had the Fetch files feature turned on, you'll need to turn it on again.


    NB You cannot use the same folder for multiple accounts



Office Online (previously called Office Web Apps) 

What is Office Online?

Office Online (previously Office Web Apps) is an online office suite offered by Microsoft as part of Office 365, it allows users to create and edit files using lightweight, web browser-based versions of Microsoft Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Click here for more information. 

How do I access Office Online?

You can access Office Online via OneDrive for Business or logging into and clicking the top-left App Launcher 

Do I still get all the functionality of the equivalent desktop product?

No, Office Online provides lightweight versions of the desktop products. Some of the limitations are outlined here.

You are able to download the full desktop product for free at here.

How do I request additional Apps?

The Office 365 Apps is provided as part of the services offered by IT Services. If you have any feedback, ideas or requests please contact us.