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Connecting Your Personal Windows Computer to the Wireless Network (eduroam)


Users of the managed Windows 7 Service will already have wireless set-up to use the eduroam network.



You will need to join the setup-wifi network. When connected to the setup-wifi, if you open a web browser you will be redirected to a page which will help configure your device.

The instructions given below are only for when this mechanism does not work.

Certificate Authority Installation 

First you need to install the Loughborough University Certificate Authority.


Download the Loughborough University Certificate Authority

Download the Loughborough University Certificate Authority from the link below:

CER encoded - Windows / Windows Mobile7 / Some Windows WM 5 / 6

2 Screen image: Certificate.

Open the Cerificate

Double click on the certificate to open it.

3 Screen image: Certificate General tab.

Check and then Install Certificate

Ensure that the Certificate is the Loughborough University Network Services Certificate Authority with an expire date of 24/08/2032.

Then click Install Certificate. The import wizard will open.

4 Screen image: Certificate Import Wizard - Store.

Place all certificates in the following store

Click Next. Choose Place all certificates in the following store and then click Browse.

5 Screen image: Select Certificate Store.

Trusted Root Certificates

From the list chose Trusted Root Certificates, then click OK.

6 Screen image: Security Warning.

Next. Finish. Yes.

Click Next to continue, then click Finish. Finally you will be presented with a warning box asking you whether you want to install the certificate. Click Yes.

Changing Wired and Wireless Configuration


Click "Start". Click "Control Panel".

Click the Windows Start button. Click Control Panel.

2 Screen image: Control Panel.

Go to the "Network and Sharing Center"

In the top right if View by is set to Category, click Network and Internet and then click Network and Sharing Center; otherwise click Network and Sharing Center.

3 Screen image: Network and Sharing Centre.

"Manage wireless networks" or "Change adapter settings"

For changing wireless setting click on Manage wireless networks. For changing wired settings click on Change adapter settings.

4 Screen image: eduroam Wireless Network Properties - Security tab.

Select PEAP Settings

For wireless select the Security tab, and for wired select the Authenticationtab. Then click on the Settings button next to the Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP) button.

5 Screen image: Protected EAP Properties.

Trust the Loughborough University Network Services Certificate Authority

In the list of Trusted Root Certification Authorities, ensure that the Loughborough University Network Services Certificate Authority is selected, then click OK.


Configure the Authentication method

In the Select Authentication Method:, section click configure and ensure that the Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any) is Not selected/Unticked, then click OK.

7 Screen image: Network Authentication. and Password

For the username enter your University username appended Then for the password enter your University password. Click OK.

After you have set-up Wireless, you make like to set up...

  • Printing from Windows
  • Individual Workspace for Windows