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Connecting to the Wireless Network (eduroam)


You will need to join the setup-wifi network. When connected to the setup-wifi, if you open a web browser you will be redirected to a page which will help configure your device.

The instructions given below are only for when this mechanism does not work.

Manual configuration is not possible on OSX 10.7 (OSX Lion) and higher therefore the following instructions can only be followed if running OSX earlier than 10.7 (which we no longer recommend).

Certificate Authority Installation

First you need to install the Loughborough University Certificate Authority.


Download the Loughborough University Certificate Authority

Download the Loughborough University Certificate Authority from the link below:

CRT encoded - Windows / Mac OSX


Double click lboro-ca.crt

Double click on the lboro-ca.crt file and Keychain Access should open.

3 Screen image: Keychain Access.

Open "Loughborough University Network Services Certificate Authority"

In the All Items list find the Loughborough University Network Services Certificate Authority entry, select it and double click on it.

4 Screen image: Loughborough University Network Services Certificate Authority.

Always Trust

In the trust settings When using this certificate select Always Trust and close the window. Close Keychain access.

Wireless Configuration

1 Screen image: Network menu - Open Network Preferences.

From Network select Open Network Preferences

Click on the Network icon and select Open Network Preferences.

2 Screen image: Network - AirPort.

Select AirPort, click Advanced

In the left column select AirPort then click on Advanced...

3 Screen image: Network - 802.1X.

802.1X tab, click +, select Add User Profile

Select the 802.1X tab and then click the + button and select Add User Profile.


Name the profile eduroam, compete Username and Password

Name the profile eduroam, then fill in your Username followed and your Password.

5 Screen image: Network - eduroam.

Untick TTLS, ensure PEAP selected and top of list

Untick TTLS and make sure that PEAP is ticked, and drag it to the top of the list.

6 Screen image: TTLS Inner Authentication.

Configure Outer Identity as

Under the Authentication box click the Configure... button. Fill in the Outer Identity as and click OK.

7 Screen image: Network - Certificates.

Configure Trust + Select Certificate From Keychain

Click the Configure Trust... button and then click the + and click Select Certificate From Keychain.

8 Screen image: Select certificates from the keychain.

Select Loughborough University Certificate Authority and click Servers

Select the Loughborough University Network Services Certificate Authority from the list and click Servers.

9 Screen image: Network - Servers.


Click the + to add a new server field and enter then click OK.

10 Screen image: Network - Wireless Network.

Select eduroam network

From the Wireless Network drop down box select eduroam.


Select WPA2 Enterprise. Click OK.

Ensure WPA2 Enterprise is selected then click OK.

12 Screen image: Network menu - eduroam.

Apply. Close Network.

Click Apply, then close the Network control panel.

13 Screen image: Network - lboro.

Open Network and select eduroam

Click on the Network icon and select eduroam.


Set credentials to eduroam

In the credentials box, from the 802.1X drop down menu choose eduroam, and click OK.

After you have set-up Wireless, you make like to set up...

  • Printing for Macs
  • Individual Workspace for OS X