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IT Systems Upgrade

Planned IT Upgrade

The University is investing £1.3M in upgrading essential IT infrastructure.

When is this happening?

IT Services are keeping interruptions for this essential work to a minimum by starting at 15:00 on Wednesday 11th July 2018 with an expected finish time of midnight. There will be a minimal risk to service disruption the following day.

Updates will be provided via the IT Services twitter account @LboroITServices.

How will the work affect me?

During this upgrade all IT systems will be unavailable including email, group workspaces, telephone and printing. However staff and students will still be able continue to work off-line by accessing files held in the 'My Documents' area on their computer.


What are the benefits to students and staff of the university?

What are the benefits to students and staff of the university?

This work will replace the equipment installed in 2011/12, specifically it will:

  • Increase the speed of applications
  • Reduce the risk of unexpected equipment failure 
  • Provide capacity for new systems to meet the growing demand

How can I stay updated with the progress of the work?

We will update our twitter feed as we go along for those that would like to stay up to date with the works  @LboroITServices

What can I do with limited access to IT systems?

Staff and students will still be able to continue to work by accessing locally stored files (My Documents) on their computers.

Desktop / Laptop / Printers

Will I be able to logon to my desktop/laptop?

Yes your machine will still accept your credentials and log you on.

If I keep working on local files (my documents folder) on my desktop/laptop will it save?

Yes it will save locally and sync back to our servers when they are available the next day.

Can I still use the printers?

No. Printing will also be unavailable between 3pm and midnight on 11th July. We recommend that you print off any required documents before the 3pm downtime.


Will I lose any email?

No. Email will queue up and be delivered once the systems are back up and running.


Can I forward my desk phone to my mobile for the duration of the outage?

No the forwarding is configured on the data centres so will not work during the outage.


Will my swipe card still work to open doors?

Doors will continue to work as normal but access levels cannot be changed during this time.

Will Loughborough in London campus be affected?

Yes. London campus will be affected and in the same way as Loughborough campus during the upgrade.

Date & Time of Upgrade

Why was this date chosen and what consultation was done to chose this date?

When arranging a date for any IT downtime, IT Services carefully consults with members of the University to minimise the impact of the work.

When reviewing the dates available against the calendar of key University and School events, the 11th July date had the least impact across the entire University.

This date was discussed at the Project Management Board, and endorsed by IT Governance Committee (ITGC) on the 29th January, with the requirement that LUSI should be available as a priority system at the start of the next working day due to Exam Boards taking place within Schools during this period.

Can the start time be adjusted?

No, we have moved the time to as late as possible and we cannot start any later than 3pm.