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Voicemail Guide

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Access Voicemail

Press the Voicemail button.

Call 1575

Outside University 01509 228282

Default PIN 8888

Dial 228282 from any University phone to access your voicemail. Your ID is your extention number.

Retrieve Voicemail



To retrieve new messages, 31 To hear saved messages, 32 To hear a deleted message

Listening to Voicemail



Use these options whilst listening to a voicemail message.

4 Slow Playback, 6 Faster Playback, 7 Rewind to start, Pause/Resume, # Skip message, ## Skip message and mark as new

Managing Voicemail


1 Repeat, 2 Save, Delete, Reply, 5 Forward message, Mark as new, 7 Skip back, Help 


 Access voicemail system and press the following:


You are able to record different types of greetings under the option 3 – Edit other greetings. For example Standard is set by default which informs the caller of your name. Use option 3 to Edit other greetings

4 - Setup Options

 - Greetings

 - UK English

   - Record greeting

   - Alternative greeting on/off

   - Edit other greetings

   - Hear all greetings

Voicemail Preferences

 1 Change PIN, 2 Recorded name, Directory listing