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Cisco Jabber

Introduction And Features

Jabber is an instant messaging, phone integration and presence application that enables you to find the right people at the University, see if they are available and collaborate with them using your preferred method.

Jabber integrates with your desk phone to enable you to have presence, messaging and search facilities through your PC / Mac. It is available to staff through the managed Windows 7 service and can be installed on both Windows and Mac non-managed machines.

User Guide for managed and non-managed Window machines 

User Guide for Mac OSX 

What can I use it for?

  • Use your laptop as a phone in the office (softphone mode)
  • Use it if working from home to message and call people at the University
  • Use it to instant message (IM) - a quick way of asking a question of someone
  • Use it for a team chat or for having a permanent chat room for sharing ideas with other University staff
  • Use it as a quick way of identifying if people are available
  • Use it in meetings to obtain  info needed from colleagues who are not at the meeting
  • Jabber links to your Outlook calendar to automatically update your presence status if you are in a meeting.

The following features are available using Jabber:

Softphone Mode

If your PC / Mac is equipped with a suitable webcam and microphone, you are able to use Jabber in softphone mode to make voice and video calls directly, without having to use your desk phone. 

For the best audio performance whilst using Jabber, it is recommended that you use headphones and a microphone, rather than using the devices built into your PC / Mac.

Please contact the IT Services Service Desk if you need to use Jabber in softphone mode, so that necessary configuration changes can be made to your phone. Enabling softphone mode is free of charge, however, calls made will be charged to your department as usual and you may incur data charges if using a mobile device.


Show other users if you are available to be contacted. Your status is automatically updated if you are on the phone or in a meeting and you can also configure custom status messages.

Contact Lists And Contact Groups

Add other users to contact lists in Jabber to see their presence status and ring or instant message them by clicking on the appropriate button.

Contacts can be grouped together as required into contact groups.

Quickly search the University’s telephone directory, using the Jabber search facility, and then either ring or instant message the person you searched for by clicking the appropriate button.

Instant Messaging

Quickly send a message to one or more Jabber users at the University. You can also transfer documents using instant messaging.


Access your voicemail messages directly from Jabber and listen to any messages you may have through your PC / Mac.

Outlook Calendar Integration

Jabber links to your Outlook calendar to automatically update your presence status if you are in a meeting. You are also able to quickly view your Outlook calendar from Jabber.

Caller ID On Your PC Or Mac

If your desk phone rings, the caller ID of the person ringing you will be displayed on your PC / Mac.

Group Chats, Group Emails And Conference Calls

Quickly and easily start IM chats or conference calls with a group of Jabber contacts by selecting the required contact group and choosing how you want to communicate with the group.

Persistent Chat Rooms

Persistent chat rooms allow users to have chat conversations with groups of other University staff members over a period of time, without the need for all participants to be logged into Jabber for the full duration of the chat conversation. This obviously allows staff to drop in and out of conversations as often as they wish to do so.

In addition, members of staff can contribute to a number of different chat conversations at the same time and can even create their own discussion groups if they choose to do so.

Persistent Chat Room functionality is only available through Windows PCs and Macs.

There is at present, no option for using Persistent Chat Rooms through Jabber on Android devices, iPads or iPhones.

Jabber for iPhone, iPad and Android Devices

You can use your iPhone, iPad or Android devices with Jabber to make and receive voice and video calls as though you are using your deskphone.

You can download the necessary Cisco Jabber apps from the Apple and Google App Stores.

Please be aware that Jabber for iPhone/iPad and Jabber for Android are subject to application management by the device and may be hibernated without your knowledge. The client will be unable to receive calls or messages when in this state and, as such, we do not recommend it be relied upon for receiving calls.

The Jabber for iPhone/iPad and Jabber for Android services have to be enabled as required by an individual user.

If you require them enabling for your extension number then please contact IT Services on 01509 222 333 or by email

Using Jabber Off-Campus

If you work from home, or somewhere where there is access to the Internet, you can use Jabber to make voice and video calls using your PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or mobile phone as though you are using your deskphone. This depends on the device on which you are using Jabber being equipped with a suitable webcam and microphone.

The Jabber services that will be available to you off-campus will depend on the speed of your connection to the Internet and how many other active users are sharing the available bandwidth. As the level of available bandwidth increases so does the quality of the audio and video calls made using Jabber.

Although it isn’t necessary to connect to the University’s VPN to make use of Jabber when off-campus, if the screen sharing and file transfer features of Jabber are required, then a connection to the University’s VPN will be required.

If your PC is on the Windows Service, Jabber will automatically be installed on your machine. There will be no need to manually install the Jabber software.

For Macs and those PCs not on the Windows Service, the Jabber software will have to be downloaded and installed manually.

The Jabber installation and quick start guides for both Windows and Mac OSX can be downloaded from

Please contact IT Services on 01509 222 333 or by email if you have any additional questions or require further information.