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How Do I Access Voicemail?

From your own desk phone press the voicemail button  dial 1575 or 228282, enter your PIN when prompted.

From another University extension dial 1575 or 228282, if prompted for a PIN press # then enter your own ID and PIN when prompted.

From off-campus or by mobile phone, dial 01509 228282, enter your user id and PIN when prompted.

Your user id is your extension number.

How Do I Forward My Calls?

Calls to your extension can be forwarded to another number by pressing the “Fwd All” soft key on your phone handset. You will then be prompted to enter the number to which your calls should be forwarded.                                 

To turn off call forwarding, press the “Fwd Off” soft key on your phone handset.

By default, all phones are able to forward calls to other numbers on campus, but forwarding calls to external numbers (such as mobiles) has to be requested through the IT Services Helpdesk as there will be calls costs incurred.

How do I Change My Voicemail PIN?

Sign in to your voicemail then follow the menus or press 4, 3, 1 and follow the prompts.

How Do I Check If I Can Dial International Numbers?

Dialling numbers internationally results in considerable costs to the University. As a result, international dialling access is only enabled for a telephone extension number on request through the IT Services Helpdesk.

When international dialling access has been enabled for an extension number, an email notification is sent to the relevant Ops Manager.

You can check to see if international dialling access is enabled for your extension by dialling 900 from your phone. If you hear a recorded message then your extension is not configured for international dialling. If you do not hear a recorded message having dialled 900, then you can continue dialling the rest of the international telephone number you wish to call.

How Do I Change Volume?

You can change the ringing volume on your phone handset by pressing the volume up/down button. 

How To Change The Ring Tone On Your Desk Phone?

Press the settings key on your phone , select preferences, select ringtone, scroll through the list and press [PLAY] to hear a ringtone, then press [SET] to select that ringtone.

Press the settings key again to leave the set-up menus.

How To Change The Delay Before Going To Voicemail?

Email with your name and extension number requesting the change.

The unit for this setting is seconds. The default is 12 seconds, which is around 3 standard rings.

Your email request should state what length of delay you would like.

How Do I Make Conference Calls?

You can add one or more additional people to an existing telephone call, by pressing the call conference button on your phone handset: 

‌Dial the telephone number of the person you want to conference into the call, and when the call is connected, press the call conference button again to add the person to the existing call.

Additional participants can be added to the conference all by repeating the previous step.

How Do I Change The Name / Caller-ID On The Phone?

If the name / caller-ID on your handset is displayed incorrectly, log a case with the IT Services Helpdesk and the configuration of the phone can be changed as required.

How Do I Transfer a Call?

Blind Transfer:

  • press the transfer button:  
  • Dial the new extension number
  • Press the Transfer soft key and hang up.

Attended Transfer:

  • Press the transfer button: 
  • Dial the new extension number
  • Wait until they answer and say that you have a call for them
  • Press the Transfer soft key and hang up

How Do I Block Unwanted Calls?

We do not provide a call blocking service. We provide caller ID on handsets with a display and recommend users utilise this to screen their own calls.

How Do I Block Outbound CLI?

We do not block outbound caller ID but we can provide an alternative caller ID number. For example: a number of users in an office may want to be able to receive inbound calls directly to their individual extension numbers but would rather display a central helpdesk number for all the outgoing calls they make. This alternative number must be either staffed during office hours or provide an informational recorded message.

How Do I Access Call History?

You can access call history on your phone handset by pressing the “Applications” button:  and selection option 1 (Call History) from the menu.

You can then use the soft keys and the up and down arrow buttons: , to access lists of missed calls or all calls and return a call if required

How Do I Configure Speed Dials, Fast Dials and Personal Directory?

The use of fast dials and personal directories is not supported and beyond the scope of this document. Please contact the IT Services if you require information about fast dials and personal directories.

There are two types of speed dials that you can configure for your phone handset. Speed dial buttons can be configured for your handset, enabling you to dial a specific number by pressing a programmed speed dial button, or by pressing the up and down arrow button  on your phone, scrolling through the list of speed dials and pressing the “Call” soft key to call the number.

Abbreviated dial speed dials allow you to dial specified numbers by simply entering a two digit code on your phone and pressing the “SpeedDial” soft key.

You can configure speed dials for your telephone handset by logging into the CUCM user web interface using your Ad username and password.

To configure speed dials through the CUCM user web interface, select “Device” from the “User Options” drop down menu. Clicking on the “Speed Dials” button will allow you to configure the speed dials you require. When you have finished adding the speed dial information, click on “Save” and then on “Apply Config” to save the changes to your phone.

How Can I Find Internal Numbers?

There are a number of options available for finding internal University extension numbers.

Quickly search the University’s telephone directory, using the Jabber search facility, and then either ring or instant message the person you searched for by clicking the appropriate button.

Another way to search for internal numbers is to use the University’s web directory. Direct your web browser to (on campus access only) for an online version of the internal telephone directory.

For off campus business or personal numbers, has a search facility.

You can also use your phone handset to search for internal extension numbers.

Press the book key on your phone and select ‘Corporate Directory’. Enter as much of the first and last names as possible.

Press the [SEARCH] key.

A list of 1 or more names and numbers should appear, scroll down the list until the correct one is displayed and press the [DIAL] key.

If the correct result does not appear, dial 100 for the University Operators.

How To Answer Another Extension?

See under Pick-Up Groups

Fault Reporting

Email or phone (01509)222333.

We will need your name, the extension number, your location and a description of the fault with a rough idea of when the fault first occurred.

Please also state if it is your extension that is faulty or if you are reporting it on behalf of another person.