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The Unified Communications Team, as part of IT Services, manages, develops and maintains a variety of communication services for Loughborough University including telephony, instant messaging and presence, video calling and voicemail.

This section of the IT Services website aims to answer questions you may have about the services we provide, help you with using and configuring them and explain how to effectively get further support, if necessary.

How we work...

With the move to a Unified Communications system on campus to provide telephony and other services, your University username (for example ‘ccgjp’ or ‘itva’) is now tightly associated with your telephone number.

In order for the telephone directory to operate correctly, we need to know whenever a telephone number is reassigned to a new member of staff and what their username is. This allows us to ensure that calls are routed to the correct handset, voicemail is accessible by the correct person and handsets are associated with the correct person.

One of the benefits to this approach is that, when you receive a telephone and number at the University it belongs to you as a member of staff. If you move desk or change jobs you should take that phone with you as the number is associated with you, not the department or office. This should make office moves and reorganisations considerably simpler. If, however, a department needs a telephone number to be strictly associated with a service or function we can provide an additional number that will not follow a member of staff. Please contact us for more details.