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Buying a Computer

XMA/Viglen (in partnership with Toshiba) are the accredited hardware supplier for PC desktop and laptops and Academia are the accredited hardware supplier for Apple devices for Loughborough University.

If you are purchasing IT equipment for a department or research group please consult your local IT staff. They will help you ensure correct technical standards and that the University's substantial purchasing power is used to obtain the best value for money.

Viglen Product Procurement


The XMA/Viglen portal for purchasing equipment is now available, please click here. (Prices and Specifications can also be found below) 

Please ensure you select the correct Agresso supplier record:

  • XMA LIMITED - Agresso supplier number S14286

In order to ensure that the costs associated with the kit order has been authorised, orders can only be accepted from an approved Agresso authoriser – or if there is explicit authorisation from them in the emailed request.

Product Specification and Prices

Please find specifications and prices of the desktop and laptop models, monitor and acessesories.



Toshiba Laptop Computers

There are currently four laptop models to choose from: the Satellite Pro, the Protege Z30-C-152, Portege Z30-C-16J and the Tecra. 


Viglen Monitors

There are two Monitor Models/Sizes to choose from:


Viglen Accessories

There are two Monitor Models/Sizes to choose from:

Frequently Asked Questions

If an order is placed what is the delivery time agreement?

Guaranteed delivery times are as follows:

  • Standard Laptops - 5 days
  • Standard Desktop - 5 days

How long is the warranty?

Hardware is covered under warranty for 4 years. 

Who can I contact at XMA/Viglen?

Account Management 
Bruce Morley-Newman 
Business Development Manager
Tel: 07792600365
Customer Care 
For after-sales enquiries, including repairs and replacement of parts.
Tel: 01727 201 810

Apple Product Procurement


Academia is the University's accredited hardware supplier for Apple devices and related products.

To view the catalogue of items available please click here.

Please note that there is now a mandatory £7 charge for engraving 'Property of Loughborough University' on all orders for iPads etc. going forward - please account for this on your purchase orders.  

(Agresso supplier number S10679)

Trade in and Disposal Service

If you are looking to trade in any Apple equipment then Academia's ReviveIT service can help.

All Apple equipment is covered by this arrangement including mobile phones which are out of contract.

Please click here for more details and too obtain a trade in quote.

We recommend you discuss all 'trade ins' with IT Services before purchasing.