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Sophos Uninstall

Instructions for Uninstalling Sophos

Please remove any previous versions of Sophos Anti-Virus before installing Symantec EndPoint.

1 Sophos-Anti-Virus.dmg

Navigate via the Finder to

Navigate via the Finder to / Library / Sophos Anti-Virus / or alternatively / Library / Application Support / Sophos Anti-Virus / depending on the version of Sophos and OS you are using.

Double click the icon Remove Sophos Anti-Virus.pkg. This opens the Sophos Anti-Virus Removal Installer wizard.

Click Continue.


Choose destination volume.

The wizard then prompts for the destination volume where the uninstaller will run. Select the volume to install the files for the uninstaller and click Continue.

Click Install.

3 Authenticate.

Enter Credentials.

Enter your Administrative credentials (i.e. username and password), and then click OK. The un-install then proceeds.


Uninstall Complete.

When the un-install has completed, click Close to exit the Wizard. Sophos Anti-Virus is now un-installed from your computer.