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Change Management

What is Change Management

Change Management sits at the heart of all services. It is the process that assesses, approves and authorises changes to all our services, and which ensures that other strategic, design and transition process have been undertaken.

Change Management includes a number of familiar elements, such as the Change Advisory Board. However, it works throughout the lifecycle of services to ensure that any changes to the way the service runs, or any risks that we take in maintaining our services are managed and understood.

All changes, no matter how small, are subject to Change Management, although certain types of repeatable and routine changes are delegated via other processes, such as the Request Management process.


Which lifecycle stages of our services is Change Management relevant to?

Change Management is important during all lifecycle phases of our services.


How mature is Loughborough in its use of Change Management?

Change Management is currently at maturity level 2 - 'Managed'.

This means that the process is repeatable, and that we keep using the process in times of stress or urgency. The process is not well documented, and its application is not rigorous, but it can be consistent in its outcomes

The aspiration for Change Management at Loughborough is level 5 - optimising.


Who is involved in the development of the Change Management process?

Process Owner: Barry Bookham

Process Manager: Barry Bookham