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Project Portfolio

Below is a list of the projects currently underway within the IT Services portfolio of projects, it is updated on a monthly basis. If you require further information regarding any of the projects below please contact  Updated as of 20th April 2018.

Project ID Project Title Project Manager
PRJ0014602  2018 Pods Refresh John Gilding
PRJ0014633 Academic PDR - Phase 3 Izabelle Bimson
PRJ0014622 Address Management Software Tricia Breen
PRJ0014634 Archibus Release 2 Peter Goldsworthy
PRJ0014597 Cloud Office  John Gilding
PRJ0014637 Co-Tutor Access Control Rich Goodman
PRJ0014608 Defining Student Data Management Structures & Governance Daniel Norton
PRJ0014609 Digital Fluency for our Students & Staff Steph McKeating
PRJ0014594 User Environment Improvement John Gilding
PRJ0014584 Financial Workforce Planning Nick Bullen
PRJ0014629 Firewalls Replacement John Gilding
PRJ0014596 Google & Legacy Services Matt Cook
PRJ0014638 HESA Data Futures   Tricia Breen
PRJ0014557 HPC Midland+ Alexandra Bowmer
PRJ0014592 Human Participants Ethical Approval System Request Anjana Lad
PRJ0014573 IDM Phase 2 Jacky Kingscott
PRJ0014605 ITS Website Improvements Dawn Luck
PRJ0014640 High Value Key Cabinet Management Nigel Worth
PRJ0014617 Kx2017 Archiver Deployment Matthew Peck
PRJ0014616 Kx2017 Hall Apply Replacement Matthew Peck
PRJ0014615 Kx2017 Load Test Matthew Peck
PRJ0014614 Kx2017 Upgrade Matthew Peck
PRJ0014628 Labs Refresh 2018 Barry Bookham
PRJ0014624 Learn Upgrade 2018 Rich Goodman
PRJ0014632 Legal Case Management File System Nick Bullen
PRJ0014620 Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) - Monthly Data Export Richard Bebbington
PRJ0014555 LUSI Reporting Replacement Ropinder Heer
PRJ0014402 Make me a Student - Scholarship Administration Dawn Fendell
PRJ0014639 Online Student Incident Reporting Rich Goodman
PRJ0014494 Oracle Multitenant Migration Process Zulf Osman
PRJ0014627 PGR Parts & Progression Ropinder Heer
PRJ0014618 Phishing Campaign Niraj Kacha
PRJ0014612 Provision of a Data and Systems Integration System Jackie Hutchison
PRJ0014600 Provision of Management Reporting from LUPIN Bethan Whitelaw
PRJ0014604 Reasonable Adjustment Process Improvement Tricia Breen
PRJ0014516 Replacement of Library Management System Jeff Brown
PRJ0014621 Resilience for Cloud Based Services Joe Ashley
PRJ0014575 SQL Server Upgrade Marc Gibson
PRJ0014594 Staff Marketing Campaign Jeremy Byrne
PRJ0014535 Standardising, Simplifying and Security Card Transactions across the Network Jo Brewin
PRJ0014641 Start of the new Academic Year 2018 Michelle Davies
PRJ0014635 Student Module Feedback Jackie Hutchison
PRJ0014587 Transfer of WEDC's digital and physical collections to the University Library Jeff Brown
PRJ0014594 User Environment Improvement John Gilding
PRJ0014636 Voting Systems Jackie Hutchison
PRJ0014619 VPN Replacement Jacky Kingscott
PRJ0014512 Wireless Network Refresh Alexandra Bowmer