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Project Assurance


The purpose Project Assurance reviews will be to assess the project controls in place and the health of the project. The sessions, conducted by a member of the PMO, are to support Project Managers and their adoption of the ITS project management framework. A checklist document has been created to help the Project Manager step through the process and understand the mandatory deliverables.

These reviews should be conducted at the end of each stage to confirm readiness for moving to the next stage. Reviews will also be conducted at random during the course of the year, or where a specific request has been made. The output of the review will be a set of observations and recommendations, where corrective actions are identified the PMO will agree an expected timeframe with the PM for their implementation. 

Project Stages

There are 4 stages within the University of Loughborough project framework:

  • Stage M1: Pre-Project (Initiating)
  • Stage M2: Initiation (Planning and Elaboration)
  • Stage M3: Delivery (Monitoring and Controlling)
  • Stage M4: Final Delivery (Closure)

Instructions for the Project Manager

Each tab within the checklist (spreadsheet) indicates the key tasks and deliverables that are expected for each stage. For each review: -

  • Complete the header section
  • Review each item and change the RAG status to the appropriate setting
  • M denotes a mandatory deliverable
  • Add comments to explain the status
  • Add evidence (links) where documents are completed or approvals
  • Where a checklist activity or deliverable is deemed N/A - please indicate a reason

Assurance Process

During the assurance process, the PMO rep will step through the appropriate stage and discuss the activities and deliverables. Comments will be added by the assurer and an agreed action plan noted at the bottom of the checklist.


Project Assurance Document