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Service Management Groups

What are service management groups?

There are six service management groups which are designed to give strategic direction to key business areas of the University, they are:

  1. Core IT – Internal IT services group to support all the supporting technical services
  2. Corporate Administration – All systems in support of the Finance function, HR, Corporate Sport and Facilities
  3. Research & Enterprise – IT Services in support of research and enterprise for staff and post graduate research students
  4. Student Education Strategy Group – All end to end student lifecycle administration systems and teaching & learning services
  5. Student IT Facilities – Student IT connectivity, student learning environments and support services
  6. Workplace IT Staff – All staff office IT requirements

How do they work?

They meet quarterly and set and amend the strategic plan for each area, this is then used to help projects and other IT work ensure they are working towards a common goal.

Where do they fit into the structure of the University governance?

Please see the diagram below for an overview of the IT governance at Loughborough University: 


For full size version please click the following link: SMG Governance

Where can I see the strategies and roadmaps?

The strategies and roadmaps are currently being created but will be available here once produced.

All other documentation relating to the SMG’s such as terms of reference and minutes can be found here:

Who do I contact if I need more information?

Please contact Business Partnering

More about Business Partnering here: