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IT Consultation Group

What is the IT Consultation Group?

The IT Consultation Group, is a group of University staff and students who are engaged with IT Services to give feedback and advice to help shape the services delivered. It gives users a direct voice into IT projects and services, resulting in all our services being more closely aligned to the needs and requirements of our users.  Any member of the University can be invited to join an event when there is a proposed change to a service, or a new service is being considered and additional feedback is required.

Why do we need it?

  • To help IT Services maintain a user focus;
  • To provide an ongoing source of users’ views to evaluate and assess service development;
  • To provide a source of user driven ideas for developing services;
  • To help engage with the end users of our services;

How do I join?

This is not an exclusive group and any staff or student member of the University can join the group at any time. Open invitations are sent out for each User Consultation meeting to key contacts around the University to pass on, it is also advertised via University noticeboards, alternatively you can email directly to request to join at any time.

How does the group meet?

Most of the time we may just want your input on a proposed change or new service, this will often be polled via a few questions over email. On occasion we may also invite members to one of the following events (there is no requirement to attend any of the events if you do not feel they are relevant to you):

  • IT Services End User Event – These are face to face meetings held as and when required and are hosted centrally on campus at a suitable time. 
  • Live Webinars – Presentations are broadcast to allow people to watch and comment remotely.
  • Virtual Groups – These are managed via email, shared filestore areas and short online surveys.

How will the results/output be processed?

The feedback from the users will be collated by Business Partnering and presented to the appropriate manager/group to help make a decision on a proposed service change or new service. 

How will topics be brought forward?

Within IT Services, user groups will be setup and managed through the Business Partnering Team, requests for topics can be sent to for consideration.