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Working Remotely

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Screen Sharing Setup 

Users who wish to access machines via Screen Sharing (VNC) will need to ensure that the Mac on campus has the requisite Sharing options enabled, and these connections should be restricted to specific users on the host machine for security purposes.

1 Screen image: System Preferences.

System Preferences

Open System Preferences and select Sharing.

2 Screen image: Sharing.

Remote Management

Select Screen Sharing.

3 Screen image: Users and Groups.

Add Users

Select Only These Users and click the plus button + to add a user from Users and groups.

4 Screen image: Sharing.

Complete sharing settings

Check that Screen Sharing is on. In the text just below this you will see a URL beginning vnc:// which is the URL you will need to when you wish to make a connection to your on-campus Mac from a device off-campus. Alternatively you can connect using the IP address of your on-campus Mac.

Making a Screen Sharing Connection


Ensure the Mac you are making the connection from is connected to the VPN successfully.


Connect to server

Open a Finder window and in the menu bar choose Go, Connect to Server

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VNC Connection

In the Connect to Server window enter the DNS name or IP address of the computer you wish to connect to, prefixed by vnc://, e.g. vnc://, and then click on Connect.

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Enter your username and password

When prompted enter the username and password of the account you wish to log in to on the remote Mac.

A window will now open showing you the remote Mac. When you are done, close the window to disconnect.