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Non Standard IT User Registration and Email Addresses

Introduction and Summary

This document describes the options available for setting up IT user registration and associated e-mail addresses that are not directly linked to individual people. Such registrations are the exception rather than the norm as they demand additional resources and generate extra risks. Clear justification is needed to set them up, and those requesting them are required to ensure they are used securely and in accordance with University policies.


In most cases user registration for use of IT facilities is personal, i.e. each staff member and student is allocated a personal username and associated email address and these are identifiably linked to the person's name, and generated in a standard format. All IT Services automated IT registration systems are set up using this model. The vast majority of University work will be done under such personal user accounts. As explicitly stated under the University's IT Acceptable Use Policy, individuals are responsible for any actions taken under their personal account.

However there are occasions when an account is needed that is not directly linked to a person's name and / or is not generated and maintained automatically. This can be achieved in a number of ways, depending upon the requirement, but in all cases it is imperative that there is a known individual who is responsible for all activity carried out under that account. The responsible person must be an individually registered user, normally a member of staff of the University, with their own personal registration and email address. This individual must undertake to:

  • State the purpose of the registration and ensure it is only used for that purpose.
  • Take full responsibility at all times for any activities carried out under the account.
  • Maintain a record of the people to whom the username and associated password has been given.
  • Ensure that the password is changed when these people's roles change such that they no longer need access, whether or not an individual remains at the University.
  • By maintaining records or setting up procedures be able to say who was using the account at any particular time in the recent past.
  • Inform IT Services when the account is no longer required.
  • Inform IT Services when they are no longer the nominated responsible individual, and provide the name of the new person responsible.
  • Ensure that any email received by the associated email address is dealt with and that email and file deletion is managed.

Please note that email sent to the account may include renewal requests that need to be promptly dealt with to prevent the account being deleted. If you wish to arrange for email from the account to be forwarded to the member of staff responsible, please contact the IT Services' Service Desk, 222333 for assistance.


Individual registrations for staff of University departments funded under COMA are not charged. Other organisations, including wholly owned companies of the University, are charged £300 per person per annum for registration. Any individuals using any of the forms of non standard registration must be individually registered as users. There is no additional charge per annum for the additional, non standard registration.

If you require a non standard registration, please consult the Registration FAQ's page, as a user account request form (University staff role) will need to be completed.