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Loughborough University Policy on the use of Smart Phones

As the University's email system is standards based, it will work with the vast majority of PDAs and smartphones. IT Services advice is that staff should follow the instructions that came with their device for synchronising with Outlook, however some devices do not offer enterprise functionality, and this may inhibit their use on campus. We strongly recommend that only fully supported devices are purchased for use on campus.

Supported Devices

All iOS devices are fully compatible with our networks. 

The use of a PDA or smart phone, in conjunction with the University's email and calendar system (Outlook / Exchange), can prove to be very beneficial to staff, providing access to email and diary / calendars while they are away from the office.

IT Services endeavours to support handheld computing devices for centrally managed services like email and wireless network access. However due to the diverse functionality of devices and Operating Systems, comprehensive support and documentation will only be provided for three smart phone operating systems.

Connecting to a Wireless Network

Mobile Phones

Most smartphones are capable of joining eduroam. iOS-based devices e.g. iPhones, iPods, iPads etc, and Android devices should try setup-wifi and open a browser and follow the instructions. For other devices, you will need to visit your smartphone provider's support website for exact instructions on how to configure wireless networking. You will need to look for instructions for configuring your device for an EAP-PEAP (sometimes called 802.1X) protected network. You will need to use the information on our technical details web page together with instructions from your manufacturer.

With an iPhone, when you are prompted for your username, please use the format:

Terminology Guidance

Basic Wifi refers to wireless networks with non-Enterprise security encryption e.g. imago Wi-Fi networks.

Secure Wifi refers to wireless networks with Enterprise security encryption e.g. eduroamnetworks.

Mail / calendar etc. synch with PC: Windows Mobile devices use ActiveSync (Windows 7 Managed Service Optional Application), Nokia devices use Nokia PC Suite, Apple devices use iTunes.

Mail / Calendar Synch "over the air": Calendar entries, especially recurring appointments, do not synchronise correctly over the air. This may lead to duplicate and incorrect entries.

Tether to PC for Internet connection: 'Tethering' a mobile to a PC refers to connecting the device to a desktop or laptop PC and using the mobile device's network connection to provide Internet access to the PC.

Connect your device to the wireless network:

Apple iPhone / iPad / iPod

If you are using setup-wifiwhen you are prompted for your username,
please use the format

Please use the below links for further configuration help 

Other Useful Links

Microsoft Windows Mobile 7

Windows Phone Staff Email

Use the below instructions to configure your Windows phone for the Loughborough Staff Email system

1 Staff Email config for Windows Phone

Settings for an email account

  • From the App list, tap on Settings
  • Choose Email + accounts
2 Staff Email config for Windows Phone Staff Email config for Windows Phone

Choose Outlook account

  • Select Add an Account
  • Choose Outlook
  • Enter your Loughborough email address
  • Enter your Loughborough email password
  • Tap on Sign In, but note that this will not connect properly
4 Staff Email config for Windows Phone

Configuring the account

  • Change the username to your Loughborough username
  • Change the domain to lunet
  • Tap on Sign In

Additional software may be required for full functionality.