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Office 2016

Office 2016 will be available from 24th January 2017 as an optional application on the Windows 7 and Mac services for all staff

Optional Applications

In order to install an Optional Applications on the Windows 7 Service, please use Software Centre Icon on your desktop

What is Protected View?

Microsoft are concerned about computer security, and the documents which were downloaded from the Internet, are in an "Unsafe" location such as Temporary Internet Files, were received as e-mail attachments, or are of certain types are potentially threats. Microsoft used to ask you if you wanted to open the document; now it opens it in "Protected View" and indicates this with a red bar running across the top of the document. Inspect the document and click Enable Editing if you are sure that the document is trustworthy and you wish to edit it.

Screen grab: Protected View.


How can I recover previous versions of documents?

Open the current version of the document. Click File then select Info. If present, you can open earlier versions. Under Manage Document you may be able to Recover Unsaved Documents. Note: these files are only retained for four days.

How do I turn on the Developer tab?

Click File then Options. In the left-hand menu select Customize Ribbon. In the right hand side under Customise the Ribbon select Main Tabs, then ensure that the Developer checkbox is selected. Click OK