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Outlook 2011 (OS X)

Screen shot: Outlook 2011.

Using Outlook 2011 for Mac OS X


In general, Outlook for the Mac works in much the same way as Outlook 2010 for Windows – for example you can open shared calendars, schedule meetings, and set an "out of office" message in a manner similar to that which you would use under Windows.

We have the following advice for new users of Outlook 2011:

  • You may see a small exclamation sign in the bottom corner of your Outlook window. This indicates that Outlook had problems connecting to Exchange, but can arise simply because Outlook is trying to connect to Exchange while your wireless network is configuring itself.
  • It is not presently possible to "subscribe" to Internet calendars as you can with the Apple iCal application.

Obtaining Outlook 2011 for Mac OS X

Please contact your local departmental IT colleague, who has access to an installation media for all University-owned Macintosh computers. If you use a non-University-owned Mac at home, as a staff member you can order Outlook 2011 installation media at low cost under the Software For Staff scheme. Please check that your Macintosh computer meets the minimum hardware requirements for installation before ordering.

More Information

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