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Exchange Groups of People (for Resources and Workgroups)

A number of Dept. and School. groups have been created in Exchange. At this time they cannot be used for e-mailing, but they can be used for permissions. These groups are mostly automatically maintained, based on a person's status, department, and various other Personnel system settings. There are some .Extras groups which are manually maintained and can be delegated to departments to manage their membership. This is used when you wish to add people to the Dept group list. These groups can be used for calendar permissions and resource permissions at this time.

Additionally we have a system for multi-departmental groups. The multi-departmental group membership is departmentally managed, see Using Outlook 2010 to Manage Groups. They can be created and used where an appropriate Dept. group does not exist. These can be used in the same way that Dept. groups can.