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Distributing Files


In the case of a small file and a few recipients it may be fine to just send it as an attachment to all of the people. In the case of a large file, or a lot of recipients it may be better to put the file somewhere where the recipients can obtain it, and tell the recipients where it is.

There are two ways of doing this:

Workspaces: works for members of your department, research group, etc who have a workspace set up (limited to members of the University).

Google Drive: works for all the above (limitation is a google account is required by the receiver unless the file is made public, at which point Individual Web Space should be easier)

Workspaces can be useful for files which are going to be edited by more than one person; they merely navigate to the file and double-click to open it. This is the only way you can have an Access database accessed by several people in your group of colleagues.

Your workspaces will be available under Computer. Choose the appropriate folder (drill-down as necessary), and move the relevant file(s) there. In the address bar of Windows Explorer, right-click and choose Copy address as text. In your e-mail you can then paste the address of the folder in to tell your recipients where the file or files are located.

You cannot share outside the University with group Workspaces.

Google Drive is a personal cloud storage service that stores files in one place, so they can be accessed from anywhere, allowing file sharing and collaborative editing.

Once the Google Drive app has been downloaded to your device, installation is made valid through the logging in process with your Loughborough University email address and password. You will be prompted to login once, and the device remains authenticated.

Staff and students of Loughborough University, have access to unlimited storage with Google Drive.

Available on the Loughborough University Windows 7 Service. Please click here to access instructions for your device: Installing Google Drive on your device.

Data stored using Google Drive (accessed using your University account) and/or Office 365 for Staff Email is protected by contractually agreed enhancements through the Janet sector framework[1]; which may not be available with other third party solutions.

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