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Finding People's Email Addresses and Email Lists

Email Addresses and Staff Telephone Numbers

This page will help you find staff telephone numbers and staff and student email addresses. If you are accessing this from off campus, then private University information such as the Staff Telephone directory and the Email directories must be accessed via the Remote Working Portal

Email Lists

An electronic mail list, usually referred to as an email list, or a mailing list, allows you to send a single email message to a whole group of people in one go. By sending to one address, the list address, your message is sent to everyone on the list. There are a wide variety of mailing lists available to staff and students on campus.

There are Automatically Maintained mailing lists for School, Department, Programme, Module, and Hall Mailing Lists

These are lists that are managed by an individual member of the University, who may have control over who is a member of the list and what is sent to it. Further information on Managed Lists (Majordomo)