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Backup Your Data


The last thing you want is for your computer to die with all your work on it and to realise you had no backups.

We cannot emphasise enough, please backup your data – if your hard drive fails, we we will be unable to recover anything.

Backup Your Work

Use the Individual Workspace to back up Academic work, and also transfer it between different locations.

From a Computer Lab or the Library - it's just the Documents folder.

From your HallNet connected Hall Study Bedroom or from your Laptop connected to our secure Wireless Network eduroam:

Backup your data on to an external hard drive, USB memory stick or cloud service.

Having an external backup means that even if your computer breaks, you won't lose everything. As a guide we'd recommend running a backup once a week, unless you've been doing lots of work on a major assignment, then you might want to consider backing up daily, or even more frequently. Our recommendation is to use an external hard drive.

The Student PC Clinic can help you with the configuration if necessary.