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International Student Advice and Support

Visa Advice

Other evidence required

As well as the financial information you will have to provide other evidence to prove you are a genuine student.

Documents to include in your application

You will need:

  1. The Loughborough University Sponsor Licence Number: G9M4TDXV1 and the 14 digit unique CAS number.
  2. Financial evidence, e.g.a bank statement showing the correct amount of money (see above).
  3. The academic documents listed on your CAS as ‘evidence used to obtain offer’. These are the documents that Loughborough University has used to confirm you have been accepted onto your degree. There is no need for you to provide a copy of an English language test or qualification if your CAS says the following: 'English language ability assessed and confirmed at CEFR Level B2 or higher in each of the four components of language learning, no documents are required to be submitted as evidence of this.'
  4. Certified professional translations of any documents that are not in English.
  5. ATAS clearance certificate if required for certain engineering and technology subjects. Your initial offer and CAS will indicate whether your course requires ATAS, further information is available for undergraduate, postgraduate and research students.  You can apply for an ATAS clearance certificate online here.
  6. TB screening result for students applying from certain countries.
  7. Photograph and a valid passport

You should submit original evidence (not copies) and ensure they comply with the requirements set out in the Tier 4 Policy Guidance. Certain ‘low risk’ nationals may not have to provide evidence of qualifications or finances, but you should still have them available in case they are requested.

Visa interviews

At your visa application appointment you can expect to be interviewed by video link.  The purpose of the interview is to check you are genuinely coming to study.  It will help you if you prepare for this interview in advance, so you are confident in answering questions about your plans to study in the UK.  The questions might include:

  • What is the name of your university?
  • What is the name of your course of study?  Do you know what modules/topics you will be studying as part of this course?
  • What are your reasons for wanting to study in the UK?
  • What are your reasons for choosing Loughborough University and the course?
  • What are your future career plans?
  • What are your accommodation arrangements in the UK?
  • How you can afford to pay for your studies?
  • Do you intend to work in the UK during your studies?  If so, do you know how many hours you are permitted to work under Tier 4?
  • Have you ever studied in the UK or overseas before?  If so, what did you study, did you complete the course; did you leave the country before your visa expired.

It is possible that you may be asked questions that are not on this list. You need to be prepared to answer anything. You can ask for a question to be repeated if you do not understand.

The Student Advice and Support Service is authorised to provide immigration advice and services by an order made under section 84(4)(d) of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 (The Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 (Part V Exemption: Educational Institutions and Health Sector Bodies) Order 2001 (Statutory Instrument 2001 No. 1403)). Should you have a complaint about the service you can use the Student Advice and Support Service's complaints procedure or you can use the OISC Complaints Scheme.