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If you are already on a Tier 4 student visa and need to extend it, you might be able to do this whilst in the UK. However, there are some restrictions to this and it is advisable to talk to us before you start the visa extension process.

In order to apply for a new Tier 4 visa in the UK your new course of study must start no more than 28 days after the end of your current leave. If the gap between the end of your current leave and the start of your new course (as stated on your CAS) is longer than 28 days then you must leave the UK and apply from your home country. The UKCISA website gives more detailed information.

The following will guide you through the extension process- we can check your application for you and send through the Visa Extension Scheme if you would like us to. 

Loughborough University London students

If you are going to be studying in London the process to extend your visa is the same but the finances will be different. Our advisers can still help you with a visa extension application: please contact us to arrange an appointment. 

Stage 1 - Before your application

It is very important that you have prepared fully before booking an appointment to see an adviser.  At certain times of the year we get extremely busy and therefore can only offer one appointment per student. Please make sure you have all your documents with you when you attend.

You will need to refer to the UKVI Policy Guidance to help you complete your application. This is updated often so make sure you are using the most recent version.

Step 1 - Start at least 2-3 months before your visa expires.

1. Prepare funds - At least 1 month in advance of your visa expiry date make sure you have the relevant sum of money in a bank account.

What is the relevant sum of money?

How much money you need will depend on your circumstances. You will need to show you have money for tuition fees for your first year or for the next period of study (for continuing students) minus any monies already paid. If you have already paid some or all of your tuition fees, then this must be confirmed on your CAS or by an official university receipt which you can get from the Finance Office.

You will then also have to show the relevant amount of funds for your living costs. The amount of living costs you need to show depends where you will be studying; the Loughborough Campus or the London Campus.

  • If you have been awarded a scholarship or bursary, this will be deducted from the tuition fees before they are specified on your CAS.  Otherwise a sponsor note can be added to the CAS to confirm the details.
  • If you have already paid some or all of your tuition fees, this can be noted on your CAS.  If you pay some or all of your tuition fees after your CAS is sent to you, please let the office that issued your CAS know and ask for the CAS to be updated.
  • The money you need to show for your living expenses depends on where you are studying and the length of your course but you never need to show more than 9 months living expenses. 
  • Most students studying at the main Loughborough campus will need to show £1,015 per month for up to 9 months (£9,135). 
  • If your are studying at Loughborough University London (LUL) you will need to show £1,265 per month for up to 9 months (£11,385).
  • If you have paid the University for some or all of your accommodation charges, this can reduce the amount you need to show for your living expenses.  However, UKVI rules only allow us to record up to £1,265 as paid accommodation costs on your CAS, even if you have paid more. 

If you have dependants then you will require additional funds. For further information check the Policy Guidance and the UKCISA website .

2. If you need to apply for Academic Technology Approval Scheme, apply as soon as you can as it can take at least 4 weeks to be decided.  Your offer letter/CAS should tell you if you require ATAS approval.

3. Create an online application. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the green 'Apply now' button.  At any point you can save your application by sending it as an email link so that it can be resumed later from your email.  If you require help complete the 'application' stage only, the 'documents' section onwards can be completed with assistance from one of our advisers later.

4. Wait to receive your CAS - you will usually receive this via email from the relevant admissions department. Once you receive your CAS, check the details are correct. If there are any errors ask for them to be corrected. Retain a copy of the CAS for your records.

You are now ready to move to stage 2

Stage 2 - Completing your application

Step 2 – Complete your application

Once you have registered (see stage one) you need to complete the Tier 4 student online application as much as possible, but STOP at the ‘Documents’ page if you would like your application to be checked by an advisor before submittal.
Gather the financial documents to show you have the money available to you. Details of accepted types of financial documents are stated in the UKVI Policy Guidance.

Bank statements can be used to show you have the available money.  This can be in your bank account or your parents account. In either case, you must provide a statement which shows you have held the money for a period of 28 consecutive days, and it cannot be dated more than 31 days before the date of the application. The statement must also include the account holders name, account number, date of statement, banks name and logo, and amount of money available.

If your bank statements do not meet these requirements your application will be refused.

Parent’s bank account

If you are relying on money held by your parents then you must provide, as well as the above information, your original birth certificate or certificate of adoption, a letter from your parents confirming your relationship to you and that they give consent to you using their money to study in the UK. If these documents are in your own language, you will need them officially translated.

Official Financial Sponsorship

If you are sponsored by an 'official financial sponsor' (the UK government, your home government, the British Council or any international organisation, international company or university) then you must provide a letter as required by the Policy Guidance

  • Book an appointment with an advisor at the Student Advice and Support Service. It is very important that you have prepared well in advance for this appointment as we do not have the time to complete the whole form with you; we just check you have completed it correctly and your evidence meets the UKVI standards.

If any of your original documents are not in English or Welsh then you will need to have them professionally translated (see Policy Guidance paragraph 16). You are now ready to submit your application! You can do this yourself, or you can use our Visa Extension Scheme.

Make sure you have the following original documents with you when you attend the appointment, as well as your credit/debit card:

Checklist for documents required to support your application
Document needed  Do you have the document 
CAS print out YES/NO
Passport (s) YES/NO
Current BRP (if applicable)  YES/NO
Up-to-date police registration certificate (if applicable)  YES/NO
1 new passport photograph  YES/NO
Financial evidence, e.g bank statements  YES/NO
Documents listed on your CAS as 'evidence used to obtain offer'  YES/NO
ATAS certificate (if required) YES/NO
Translations (if required) YES/NO

Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)

As part of the on-line application you will have to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge.  

The fee is based on the maximum length of visa that could be granted.

  • part year less than 6 months £75
  • each year and each part year between 6 - 12 months = £150

Examples of how much you can expect to pay

Type of course

Length of studies on CAS

Length of visa

Health charge


12 months

Up to 16 months

150 + 75 = £225


2 years 9 months

3 years 1 months

(3 x150) +75 =£525


4 years

4 years 4 months

(4 x 150) + 75 =£675


Stage 3 - Submitting the application

Step 3 – Submit your application

You are now able to make an appointment to see an adviser if you wish to. Call into the Bridgeman Building or phone 01509 222058

  • At the appointment, the adviser will check the application and supporting documents. Once everything is checked you can complete and submit the application. You can choose to present your application documents to UKVI by post or in person.  
Fees from April 2016 (per applicant)    
Standard Service Priority Service Premium Service
A decision within 8 weeks A decision within 10 days A decision within 1 working day
£457 £916 £1,047

You will need to pay online using a credit or debit card. You will not be able to submit the application without making payment.

If you choose to POST the application we can post it on your behalf using our Visa Extension Scheme. Your documents and visa will be returned to us.

When applying under Tier 4 you must also apply for a Biometric Residence Permit, if your application is successful your immigration permission will be issued on a BRP.  As part of the application process you must have your ‘biometric data’ taken i.e. a digital photograph and fingerprint scans. The biometric enrolment letter can be printed at the end of the online application or by logging in later.

You need to take the letter to a Post Office which provides the Home Office Biometric Enrolment service within 15 days of the date of the letter, e.g. the central Post Offices in Leicester or Nottingham, for more details on these or other locations see:


The Post Office charges £19.20 for this service. 


 After we have been able to check that the outcome of your application is correct we will let you know how you will be able to collect your documents during our normal opening hours. 

The whole process can take 8 weeks (or longer) and therefore you should not make travel plans until your documents have been returned to you.

When you get all your documents, check everything has been returned, check the details on your BRP are correct, and update your Police Registration Certificate (if required).

We will also share a copy of the UKVI decision on your application with the Academic Registry in the University as part of our Tier 4 Sponsor requirements.

Click on the document below to read our guide to extending your visa in the UK: 


The Student Advice and Support Service is authorised to provide immigration advice and services by an order made under section 84(4)(d) of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 (The Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 (Part V Exemption: Educational Institutions and Health Sector Bodies) Order 2001 (Statutory Instrument 2001 No. 1403)). Should you have a complaint about the service you can use the Student Advice and Support Service's complaints procedure or you can use the OISC Complaints Scheme.