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Monthly salaries/Imago salaries, Payroll Ltd‌

Salaries and Imago payrolls are paid on the last day of the month, unless this is a weekend or bank holiday. In this case, the pay day will be the last working day of the month.

Monthly salaries/Imago pay dates

Monthly salaries are calculated as 1/12th of the annual salary - this is pro-rated for new starters and leavers where a full month is not worked. This is calculated on the number of calendar days worked in the particular month.

If your employment commences after the 19th of the month, you will not be paid until the following month. 

Imago hourly employees are paid based on their timesheet submission as per the relevant cut-off date for the pay period.

4 weekly payroll

‌Pay is calculated on a 4 weekly basis, governed by the submission of hours from the relevant departments.

There are up to 13 pay frequencies per year, dependant on the weeks you work.

Claims payroll

‌‌‌Claims are paid dependant on the submission of approved claims forms, expenses and e-forms via the UT Process - see section 6 in the University Teacher Guidance link for full details.

Pay is calculated by the submission of hours from the relevant departments, for further information on casual/temporary staffing issues please refer to the guidance notes.‌

HMRC/Tax queries

Tax Queries and National Insurance (N.I.) are dealt with by HMRC directly on 0300 200 3300. Further information on HMRC contacts can be found here.

If you are commencing employment within the University and have a P45 from your previous employer please supply this to the Payroll Department. If you do not have a P45 please ensure you complete and return the relevant P46‌ statement.‌

Loughborough University Tax Reference Number - 267/L773

Imago Tax Reference Number - 120/VB18157

National Insurance Number

All employees are required to have a UK National Insurance number, you will need to supply this to payroll as soon as possible.

If you do not have a NI number please to go to the Government NI website to start the application process. 

Change of bank account details

Employees are required to update these through my.HR - if you have updated your bank account details after the relevant payroll cut off dates, please check with payroll to confirm that these have been applied.