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Health Assessment

For some types of work, it is recognised 'good practice' to ensure an individual is fit for the role they are employed to undertake; and to ensure their health is not likely to be prejudiced by any role they may be required to undertake. 

The table below summarises the most commonly occurring issues in the University.

Fitness for work – at a glance

Type of work

 Standard   Required

How   this is assessed

All   work – new starters

Ability   to carry out particular role without risk to self or others

New   starter declares any underlying disability on their HR acceptance form and is then   followed up by OH.  The emphasis is on making reasonable adjustments to   suit the individual, in accordance with the requirements of the Equality Act

New Starters with any identified need for medical assessment e.g. hearing tests, Fork Lift Truck driver, will be picked via a seperate risk assessment conducted by the recruiting manager.

Wearing   Respiratory Protective equipment (e.g. self contained breathing apparatus )

Overall  good level of fitness, assessed on a case by case basis

Formal assessment carried out in Occupational health, reviewed every 3 years


Operating a Fork Lift Truck (FLT)

Equivalent   to DVLA Group 1 drivers license standard

Formal   medical carried out in Occupational health prior to first use; over age 45 only and every 5 years thereafter; annually over age 65


Driving   a University vehicle

DVLA   group 1 drivers’ license standard

Individual   has personal responsibility to notify LU/DVLA of any contraindications

Driving   a private vehicle on University business

DVLA   group 1 drivers’ license standard

Individual   has personal responsibility to notify LU/DVLA of any contraindications

International   Travel

Must be   vaccinated according to the health risks in host country

No   Vaccines offered at LU- individual must see either own GP or specialist   travel clinic, such as www.masta.org. Employees can claim costs back via expenses


Absence   of conditions which could be made worse by night work

Voluntary   completion of a questionnaire annually; follow up by OH where indicated

Computer   Work("DSE/ VDU")

Eyesight   testing to be provided on request to Computer users, in accordance with the   DSE regulations

Online   DSE assessment MUST be completed by ALL staff by visiting www. http://www.openerg.com/dse/index.html

Voucher   for eyesight testing provided by emailing occupationalhealth@lboro.ac.uk   , to be redeemed at the on-campus opticians.

Updated by: Tim Ellis, RN, SPCHN (OH)- University Occupational Health Advisor

August 2014



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