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Advertising Vacancies and Redeployment

‌As part of the University’s ongoing commitment to redeployment (see Redeployment Policy), all vacancies may be withdrawn at any stage of the recruitment process if a suitable redeployee is identified. All vacancies will be available for redeployees to view on the internal job vacancies website three working days prior to the advertisement being published and removed on the closing date.  If a suitable redeployee is identified during the three day period advertising will be postponed whilst a potential match is considered.  Priority consideration should still be given to any potential redeployees at any stage during the recruitment process. 

All approved vacancies may now be advertised externally from the outset, at the discretion of the relevant senior manager.  The filling of posts at Grade 6 and above requires Operations Committee approval.

Although preferable to do so, vacancies of less than 9 months (including maternity covers) need not be advertised, where the Head of Department has been reassured that a suitable known candidate is available and is the best qualified and experienced to undertake the role given its duration, and that such an engagement does not fall foul of equality and diversity legislation. For example, there may be a PhD student or existing contract researcher becoming available for a research post, or a member of the secretarial staff who can step up into a maternity cover vacancy.

Consideration should, however, be given to the likelihood of such posts being extended beyond 9 months. If an extension is considered likely, the post must be advertised at the outset in accordance with the arrangements for longer-term appointments.

If there is no suitable known candidate for a vacancy of less than 9 months, then that post must be advertised externally.

When an overseas national is identified as the suitable person and requires a Certificate of Sponsorship, compliance with the resident labour market test is necessary.  The requirement is for advertising the post for a minimum of four weeks on jobs.ac.uk and jobcentreplus. 

Vacancies of more than nine months must be advertised both internally and externally.

The University recognises that real practical, financial and qualitative benefits can occur from naming individuals on grants. Obviously naming an individual must be a rational and defensible decision based on objective criteria which relate to the nature of the work required by the funding body and demonstrated in a job description and person specification. These considerations must be made before inviting the individual to contribute to the grant submission. 

If the grant is awarded then that named individual can be appointed without the need for any advertisement unless a Certificate of Sponsorship is required for immigration clearance to be obtained.

Whenever the discretion not to advertise is exercised, care must be taken to ensure that there is no other member of staff who could consider him or herself to be a suitable candidate.

The Head of Department must be aware that individuals with contracts coming to an end may bring a claim against the University if they can demonstrate that they had the necessary skills and were not appropriately considered for a position which has not been advertised.

The relevant HR Adviser must always be consulted before any post is filled without advertising.

Staff applying for a new post at the end of their fixed term contract must have that application taken seriously if they have the necessary skills and experience for that particular role, and, if they meet the selection criteria, they must be interviewed regardless of whether or not the post has been advertised.  Heads of Departments should ensure that staff in their departments who recruit others are aware of this requirement.

When a post is to be advertised, the need for the position must be approved.  New posts will have to be evaluated before advertising and the job description and person specification should be prepared and sent to Human Resources.

Advertisements should be clear, concise, legal and relevant and should reflect fairly the requirements of the job, consistent with the job description and person specification. The advertisement should include:

An advertisement which will produce the most suitable applicants and which is also cost-effective is obviously desirable. This may mean local advertising for some posts where jobs are likely to be of interest to local residents. The local press consists of 'The Loughborough Echo', 'The Leicester Mercury' and 'The Nottingham Evening Post'.  Advertisements can be placed in the national press and/or appropriate professional journals for more senior positions where a national or international field would be more likely to yield a suitable candidate.  Where external media adverts are used, managers should be mindful of the high costs and therefore keep text to a bare minimum with sign posting to the University website where fuller job details can be provided.  Jobs should also be advertised through Human Resources over the Internet on "jobs.ac.uk" which is a widely read and successful site - it is free to the University.

Advertisements should carry a close date of a minimum of 2 weeks after the date of publication in order to ensure that the widest range of possible applicants have the opportunity to respond to the advertisement and wherever possible include an interview date. The recruitment methods you use, including advertising, should be appropriate to the job and represent a genuine attempt to employ a suitably qualified person. For posts which are likely to require the candidate being assigned a Certificate of Sponsorship, the advertisement should be placed for a minimum of 4 weeks for compliance with the resident labour market test.  If these conditions are not met then we will be unable to assign a Certificate of Sponsorship, should one be necessary, and it will be necessary to carry out another recruitment exercise. 

Human Resources staff can provide advice regarding the content of advertisements should further guidance be required.


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