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Health and Safety Forum May 2017

Health & Safety Forum

The University Safety Forum, formerly known as the Departmental Safety Officers Forum, occurs twice a year. It is organised by the University Health and Safety Service (UH&SS). It will usually be scheduled in May and October/November.   

It’s objective is to provide important updates on safety at Loughborough, such as the work of the UH&SS and progress made on specific topics such as the development of risk registers, UHSS plans including new (and reviewed) policies, changes to incident reporting and investigation policy, training and detailing the School’s Compliance Matrix: results so far.

There are keynote presentations, safety briefings and safety “moments” presented by members of the UHSS team. Feedback on the agenda is actively encouraged. It’s also an opportunity for safety people to meet and get to know the UHSS team and to network with colleagues across the University who deal with similar issues to themselves.

Invitations have now been extended to anyone in the University with a role in managing health and safety, which is why it is no longer called the DSO Forum.


Below is a copy of the agenda and presentations from the last forum in May 2017.

Health & Safety Forum Agenda - May 2017

Safety Moment - Mental Health

Risk Register Update – Key Themes from Workshops

Construction Small Works Policy – Proposed Changes

Stress and Mental Health Strategy Development

Updates to Training Matrix and Safety Officer Training

Fire Design Strategy

Security Presentation

Progress on Re-organisation of the Health and Safety Committee Structure



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