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Security Threats

Threats to the security of the University, such as bomb threats or weapon attacks by lone terrorists are rare and the risk of one occurring at Loughborough is low. However, there remains a potential for harm to people and severe disruption to University business that could be caused by hoax (malicious) and real threats or attacks.

The guidance below is designed to minimise the risk to people security and to try and ensure the safety of staff, students, visitors and others from these threats.


The National Police Chiefs Council have prepared some guidance called Run, Ride, Tell for action to take in case of a security threat.  This guidance is summarised below:


Your priority action should be to remove yourself and any others in your area from close proximity to the offender, or areas that they have or may be able to access. Your ability to safely escape and your available options may be determined by the following considerations:

Under immediate gunfire or attack from other weapons – Take cover initially, but attempt to leave the area as soon as possible if safe to do so. Try to confirm that your escape route is safe.

Nearby gunfire or attack from other weapons – Leave the area immediately and move quickly away from the area that the threat is coming from, if it is safe to do so.

In both situations you should try to maintain cover and concealment (see below).

Cover from gunfire;

Concealment from view (in addition to above options);


If you don’t believe you can safely evacuate, or this may not be the best option, then you may need to consider sheltering in place, (providing there is a suitable option available).

Constantly re-assess the situation and your options based on the best available information.

These situations are very dynamic and often involve a moving threat.


The more information you can pass on to police and Security the better, but NEVER risk your own safety or that of others to gain it.

If it is safe to do so, think about obtaining the following information:

Provide this information immediately to the police via 999 (and Security) if this can be achieved safely. You may be asked to remain on the line and provide any other information or updates that the operator requests or if the situation changes. Consider providing information and advice to others that may be in your area that may be unsure of the current location of the threat and what they should do. Whether you are able to safely do this, and the communication methods available to you, will be determined by the circumstances and your own assessment of the situation.

Police response

In an attack involving firearms a police officer’s priority is to protect lives. One of their priority actions to achieve this will be to locate the offender and effectively manage that threat as quickly as possible, which could mean initially moving past people who need help. As more police resources become involved they will attempt to quickly provide support and guidance to persons affected by the incident. At some stage they will generally conduct a ‘clearance’ search of the location to ensure that all persons involved or impacted by the incident are located, and to make the scene safe.

Please remember:


This guidance is summarised in the poster below

RUN HIDE TELL Guidance Poster

 55 Silent Calls

If you find yourself in a situation which requires emergency services, but feel like you’d be in further danger if you spoke aloud you can use the 55 silent calls system to alert 999 operators.  See the link below for more information.

Making Emergency Calls During Security Threats



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