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Loughborough is one of the UK’s largest single-site campuses covering over 500 acres and expanding all the time. There are nearly 8000 trees on site including our 2 heritage woodlands.

Throughout the campus there are maintained lawned areas, the Walled and Memorial Gardens (which form part of the original Burleigh estate), ponds outdoor seating and teaching areas and numerous flower and shrub beds - all which help to create a relaxed and serene environment.

The 29 strong Grounds and Gardens Team not only maintain the University’s outdoor spaces but are also essential to supporting the delivery of the Biodiversity Action Plan.

Any requests or enquiries should be forwarded to K.D.Setchell@lboro.ac.uk for Gardens and W.A.Relf@lboro.ac.uk for Sports Grounds.

Following development of the 13 acre sports field at west park, planting of over 150 indigenous trees and 1400 indigenous whips will create a wildlife corridor link from campus through to Burleigh wood.

The swimming pool flower bed incorporated the University logo which was planted using 500 Polyanthus Crescendo Blue, 1060 Polyanthus Crescendo Rose and 2500 Polyanthus Crescendo White.

Loughborough in Bloom

Garden shed

Part of the judging route for 2010 was ‘Beneath the Pavement, A Garden’ this was the cultivation of a plot of land given over by the University to Radar ( Loughborough University contemporary arts programme) this project was supported by San Francisco based artist Amy Franceschini. The land was the focus for a series of projects around food production/distribution and encouraging a greater degree of self-sufficiency. The group worked with students, local allotment holders and community gardens. This area has now been handed to the Landscaping & Gardening Society» who have turned it into a communal gardening space, managed by LU students, who seek community involvement to make the campus a more flourishing and edible place.

 Loughborough in Bloom 2016 

The University played its role again in this year’s “In Bloom” competitions. 

As winners of East Midlands in Bloom last year, we were nominated by the board to represent the region in Britain in Bloom and International Communities in Bloom, as well as entering the usual East Midlands in Bloom competition.

There were 3 separate judging days when different sets of adjudicators from the Royal Horticultural Society visited the town and were shown the floral delights of Loughborough, incorporating many sights. These included Harry Cook’s house on the Forest Road/Epinal Way roundabout, the Holt Drive green belt, Queens Park, the town centre and of course the University, including the LaGS (Landscaping and Gardening Society) garden situated at the Spinney Hill Drive entrance.

Once again, the University played its part. Over 3000 bedding plants alone were used to create the crown on the Swimming Pool bank and an enormous amount of work went into other areas of campus including the Walled Garden, the Memorial Garden, Holywell Park and the complete route through campus. LaGS was a particularly important part of the International Communities in Bloom competition and looked fantastic, with plenty of bees and butterflies gracing the judges with their presence.

Kaz Setchell, Gardens Supervisor is a member of the Bloom Board and she co-ordinates the work of the gardening team to ensure the route looks its best on each of the judging days. A huge amount of effort and planning goes into these days and it is thanks to the team that Loughborough has enjoyed such success in the past. Results are announced in the autumn. Fingers crossed for Loughborough. A win of some sort would be Blooming Marvellous!

Outwoods work carried out



The Outwoods site has been regenerated by volunteers from Loughborough University. "This joint venture showed a great collaboration between the Students' Union and the University”. It allowed University staff a chance to take part in a worthy team building exercise.

 Ancient Woodlands

There are two ancient woodlands at Loughborough University, Holywell and Burleigh Wood. The arborist Mark HillmGold Award Certificatean is responsible for the woodlands which involves leading groups of staff and student volunteers to carry out woodland maintenance and conservation work. They are responsible for the nurturing of two new plantations, the Carbon Emissions Wood and the Memorial Wood.

They play a key part in biodiversity» of the University through their involvement in conservation and development projects. Their work is both pro-active and reactive and involves the monitoring of the general health and safety of all tree stocks. They are also responsible for the planting, pruning, felling and surveying trees

The photographs on our gallery pages are taken by members of the Grounds & Gardens team as they travel and work around campus.

We are in an ideal position to capture the changing of the seasons, the ripening of fruit, the flora & fauna and interesting events taking place on campus, both planned and unplanned. If you have any photo's you'd like to share with us, we'd love to see them.

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