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Tuition fees

If you have tuition fees to pay to the University and you are not going to be paying via direct debit, the following payment deadlines apply:

Payment in full by 16th November 2018 or payment via three equal termly instalments, due by 16th November 2018, 25th January 2019 and 17th May 2019.

If you have elected to pay for tuition fees via direct debit, payments will be deducted from your nominated bank account in three termly instalments: namely 16th November 2018, 25th January 2019 and 17th May 2019.

Please note that change cannot be given when Travellers' Cheques are presented in payment of student fees.

A full schedule of 'Tuition Fees', can be obtained by visiting Fees and Financial Support at

Accommodation fees

If you are not going to be paying by direct debit, accommodation fees are payable in three termly instalments, the following deadlines applying:

Autumn Term: 16th November 2018
Spring Term: 25th January 2019
Summer Term: 17th May 2019

Other Charges

Course materials, field trips, registration fee, travel fund, extra nights in hall and fines will also be charged to some students. These should be paid by the due date shown on the bill.

Withdrawal from the University

Students wishing to withdraw from the University are advised to consult their department for advice and guidance. Students will need to complete and submit a Withdrawal Form in order to officially withdraw. Forms can be found at

Please also see the University Regulations governing withdrawal which can be found at

A student living in University accommodation must also apply to withdraw from their accommodation contract by completing an Accommodation Cancellation Form. This can be collected from the Student Accommodation Centre, and is also available online at terms and conditions apply.

If a student officially withdraws from the University within the first four weeks of the beginning of the academic year, no charge will be made for tuition fees.
The tuition fee charge for the academic year will be based on the number of terms in which you are in attendance.  Where a student withdraws, their tuition fees will be charged in accordance with Regulation XVI (paragraph 5):

Fees are pro-rated as follows:

Within 4 weeks of start of term >4 weeks but during Term 1 During Term 2 During Term 3

UK/EU UG 0% 25% 50% 100%
Int UG 0% 33% 66% 100%
UK/EU PGT 0% 33% 66% 100%
Int PGT 0% 33% 66% 100%

The charge for the accommodation provided is determined by Student Accommodation Services. The accommodation deposit will probably become forfeit and a penalty for ending the accommodation contract prematurely may be levied.

Debt Collection

Where a student, or their sponsor, fails to make payment by the due date then the appropriate debt collection procedure will be initiated. If a tuition fee debt remains overdue a student may not be able to access results, attend graduation or receive the degree certificate. Non-tuition fee debt will be actively progressed through use of an external debt collection agency, where required, and Court Action taken as necessary. When a debt is recorded with the external debt collection agency or their solicitors, the students future credit rating will be affected and additional costs incurred

It is anticipated that sufficient communication and available support will be offered to the student before such actions are taken. However, it must be stressed that it is the responsibility of the student to ensure all debts are paid promptly or instalment plans are agreed with the Finance Shared Services office.