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English Language Support Service

Course details

Course Content

This course is designed for students who:

  • do not speak English as their first language
  • have already met the minimum English language entry requirements
  • have received an unconditional offer from the University
  • want time to make the transition to studying within a UK university
  • want to develop their academic English language in a supportive environment
  • want to practise the most important academic skills and receive constructive feedback
  • want to socialise and make friends before their degree programmes start
  • want to get to know the campus and town before they start their course

Please note this course is not suitable for native speakers of English.

Entry requirements

This course is designed for students who have achieved the minimum English language requirements and received an unconditional offer from the University.

We recommend you check the minimum English language requirements webpage for your degree programme.

Course length

2 weeks in total

Dates & fees

Please check the dates and fees for the pre-sessional courses

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, successful students should be better able to:

  • select a topic and develop a thesis question / statement;
  • read more effectively by using multiple reading strategies for different purposes (prediction, skimming, scanning);
  • critically analyse texts for meaning and inference;
  • take effective notes from written sources;
  • make effective notes from lectures;
  • use an appropriate style and level of formality in writing;
  • research effectively;
  • use correct referencing conventions when using information from source materials;
  • compile a bibliography/reference list;
  • exploit sources (summarising, quoting, paraphrasing);
  • analyse assignment/essay titles;
  • demonstrate an ability to plan and write a literature review;
  • use appropriate strategies for revising, editing and proof reading;
  • function within a variety of speaking situations in an academic context, including seminar discussions and tutorials;
  • deliver a short presentation.

Teaching and Learning

Students receive:

  • Up to 20 hours of face-to-face tuition a week
  • Guidance on independent learning tasks, on which they are expected to spend approximately ten hours per week
  • Help with key academic skills, including:

                    -   Locating research sources efficiently

                    -  Combining and referencing sources effectively

                    -  Avoiding plagiarism

                    -  Becoming familiar with the purpose and structure of academic journals

                    -  Note-taking techniques

                    -  Presentation skills

  • 24 hour access to online activities to help with their academic English
  • A lecture given by a Loughborough University lecturer for help with listening and note-taking skills
  • Training on how to use the library effectively
  • Experience of working individually and in small groups
  • The opportunity for a one-to-one session with their teacher
  • Feedback on their academic writing to help them improve


There is no formal, graded assessment for this course. However, students will be required to complete a short written assignment on a topic focus of their choice related to their subject.  Writing this assignment will help them to practise and develop many of the key academic skills they will need for their degree programmes.  They will receive detailed feedback on how to improve further.  They will also be required to deliver a short presentation related to the assignment.  Like the written assignment, this will not be graded, but the students will receive feedback to help them with future presentations.