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12 Apr 2018

Claudia Parsons Research Showcase

Lightning Talks to Celebrate Research on Gender:

A Series of Very Short Talks Highlighting Research on Gender at Loughborough 

Date: 18 April 2018

Time: 3pm-4.30 

Venue: WPT.0.0.9, West Park Teaching Hub 

Convenor: Dr Clare Hutton, Programme Director for English and Athena Swan Champion, SAED


  • Dr Jennifer Cooke (English): ‘21st-century Feminism: The New Audacity’
  •  Professor Eef Hogervorst (Psychology): ‘Is the Risk for Dementia Different for Women?’
  •  Professor Hilary Robinson (Art History): ‘Art, Activism, Feminist Resistance’ 
  •  Dr Gemma Witcomb (Psychology): ‘Beyond the Binary: Mental Health and Quality of Life of Transgender and Non-binary Individuals’
  •  Professor Sara Lombardo (Maths): ‘Outreach with Impact: The Experience of Maths Foresees’. 

These talks will be after the Claudia Parsons memorial lecture, details of this can be found here