Loughborough Doctoral College

Essential information

Examination process

Two examiners are normally appointed for the degree of Master of Philosophy or the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Your supervisor may attend the viva voce examination as an Observer unless you object.  Further details about examination arrangements are available in Regulation XXVI.

Assessment will be based on submitted work as set out in the Code of Practice on Research Degree programmes or regulations for specific programmes in conjunction with an oral examination.

The examiner can make one of the following recommendations:

  • Pass (with or without corrections required)
  • Refer
  • Fail

The Examiners may also decide that work submitted for the degree of Ph.D. has reached the required standard for the award of the degree of Master of Philosophy with or without corrections.

Following your examination the examiners will submit a report form to the Doctoral College (Academic Registry) who will inform you officially of the decision via a letter with details of your next steps.

Once you have had an official letter confirming that your examiners have recommended an award can be made you will be able to start taking the next steps to preparing to graduate.