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Do I have dyselxia, dyspraxia or AD[H]D ?


Many students are assessed for a specific learning difference for the first time while they are at university.

Take a look at the questions below.  If you answer ‘yes’ to 7 or more of the questions you may benefit from a dyslexia screening. Find out more»

Do you get tired quickly when you read?     
Do you have to keep re-reading sentences to understand the meaning?    
Do you have slow or messy handwriting?    
Do you find filling in forms difficult or confusing?    
Do you forget or mix up telephone numbers?    
Is map reading or finding your way in a strange place confusing?    
Do you mix up left and right?    
Do you make mistakes when you copy from a board?    
Do you get dates and times mixed up and miss appointments?    
Do you have ‘good days’ and ‘bad days’ for reading and writing?    
Do you make a lot of spelling mistakes?     
At school did you have problems with reading, spelling or learning a foreign language?    
Do you hate reading aloud?    
Do you forget or mix up instructions?    
Do you often lose your place when you are reading?    
Does coursework seem to take you much longer than your friends?    


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