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Loughborough Employability Award

The Loughborough Employability Award will help you to stand out from the crowd. It provides you with a framework through which you can record your co-curricular activities and reflect on the employability skills you have developed.

Completing the award:

  • will help you recognise and articulate the skills you have that employers want, and also help you to identify any skills gaps and how you can address these while you are at university.
  • will support you during the recruitment process, helping you to prepare and articulate examples of your skills and experiences for potential employers and to speak more confidently about your achievements.
  • will provide you with University recognition of your co-curricular activities appearing alongside your degree qualification on your Student Transcript.
  • will help you to develop a self-awareness of your skills and competencies to support your career planning.

What do I need to know?

  • You can be enrolled on the Award scheme at any time from year one onwards, writing up your activities as you complete them and submitting your application for the Award at any time before the third term of your final year
  • The scheme is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate (taught) students, but not postgraduate research students. Finalists are advised that they may be asked to complete the majority of the Award in the Autumn term
  • The Award is a points based scheme, where points are awarded dependent on commitment, level of responsibility and development of skills for each activity. On receipt of at least 100 points, a student will be eligible to apply for the Award by submitting a CV and completing an application form, which asks competency based questions similar to those on a graduate recruitment form
  • The Award is managed through a module on Learn

Dates for upcoming Employability Award Induction sessions can be found under the "How do I enrol onto the Award" drop-down.

What can I include in the Award?

We have a database of activities called XTRA that enables you to search for activities to get involved in. XTRA also provides you with all the information you need about points and who can verify your activities for you.

To complete the Award you are required to include activities from two of the three groups, as grouped on XTRA:

  • Group A: voluntary activities 
  • Group B: paid and unpaid work experience
  • Group C: other extra-curricular activities (courses, workshops, language courses)

If there are activities in which you have been involved that do not appear on XTRA, then please email the Award team: to see if it can be included.

How do I complete the Award?

  1. Attend an Award Induction Session which you need to book via Careers Online and complete your personal skills assessment and action plan
  2. Keep a brief record of the activities in which you are involved and skills you have gained
  3. Reflect on and write up your activities to demonstrate your personal development and have your activities verified as soon as you have finished them
  4. Complete a brief online quiz to raise your awareness on cross-cultural and sustainability issues
  5. Complete and submit your CV when you have 50 points
  6. Complete and submit the Award application form to complete the Award

Flowchart of LEA

How do I enrol onto the Award?

To enrol onto the Award you will need to attend an Induction session as part of the Direct your Career Employability sessions.  

These induction sessions are aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate (masters) students who are interested in finding out more about the Loughborough Employability Award and how to get started.  (They are not appropriate for postgraduate research students and staff.) 

Dates for Employability Award induction sessions:

26 April

10 May

24 May

For any questions, please email

Book your place via Careers Online

Information for University Staff

If you are asked to endorse a student’s participation in an extra-curricular activity towards the award scheme, please provide a brief comment to verify the student’s participation but you are not required to allocate points unless previously agreed if appropriate, with the award team.

If you have a suggestion for an extra-curricular activity to be included in the award scheme or if you are interested in discussing how departmental activity outside the degree programme could be counted towards the award, please contact the Employability Award Manager, Joss Moffatt:

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