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Careers Network offers a series of presentations, workshops and skills sessions to help you develop your employability. Attend for advice on developing your skills, exploring your career options, and securing work experience and employment. Learn how to produce powerful written applications and tackle tricky interview and assessment processes. page. All students are welcome.

We also host an impressive series of employer events and careers fairs which you can find listed on our Meet employers page. 


A variety of presentations are delivered in a lecture format, introducing you to the topic and providing information and strategies to move forward with your career planning. All sessions are bookable via Careers Online.

CVs and Cover Letters

Find out how to structure and present your skills and achievements to create a powerful CV and covering letter that will impress employers.


Tuesday 6 February

Wednesday 14 February

Friday 9 March

Application Forms

A presentation to explain the key parts of an application form, how to demonstrate your skills and abilities effectively and ensure your application makes it to the next stage of the recruitment process.


Tuesday 13 February

Wedneday 7 March



This session looks at the types of interview you may encounter, the questions you may be asked. You’ll hear first-hand what to expect and learn how to prepare effectively.


Monday 12 February

Tueday 6 March

Wednesday 14 March



Prepare for the Spring Fair

How can you ensure you talk to the right people and make the best impression?

The answer is through using social and face to face networking, before, during and after the fair. In this 50 minute session, Will Davies, Careers Consultant for AED and TDS, will take you through a calendar of steps on how you can connect with your chosen employers prior to the event and then, once at the fair, how you can gain answers to your questions whilst impressing at the same time. These skills will not only help you prepare for #LboroCareersFair17 but will be invaluable in all aspects of your career planning.

This is an informal session so please come with questions.



Monday 26 February


Intro to LinkedIn - Presentation

This presentation will cover the resources available to help with your LinkedIn profile, the LinkedIn Alumni tool, and how to network effectively on LinkedIn.


Monday 19 February

Tuesday 27 February

SME - Big opportunities in Small Companies

Don’t want to work for a large company? Why not look at the Big opportunities in Small Companies!

Loughborough University is looking to provide you with the knowledge to look at an alternative job market, why not come along to find out more.

The SME workshop will cover why small is beautiful looking at the following:

  • Current Labour market trends within the small to medium sized businesses.
  • Benefits and Challenges of working for an SME
  • Find your SME, methods and tips to find an SME in your area of business and location

Small businesses are the engine drivers of the UK economy and offer hands on experience, real responsibility and the opportunity to make a positive impact. In this presentation we aim to inform you of the advantages of gaining industry experience within a smaller employer, as well as providing what to expect from an internship or placement.

We will also discuss the types of skills and experience that a smaller employer will look for and how to strengthen your application to increase your chances of securing a role.

There will also be a question and answer/drop in session after the presentation so that we can expand on certain industry sectors that you would like more information about. You will also get the opportunity to meet real employers!


Tuesday 6 or Wednesday 7 February

Finding Work Experience

Learn more about the different types of work experience, why you should do and top tips on how to secure work experience. This presentation will use interactive activities to develop your knowledge, understanding, research skills and networking.


Thursday 22 February

Job Hunting for Graduates

Aimed at Undergraduate and Postgraduate students completing summer 2018

Job hunting tips for students who have been unsuccessful in their job search so far or for those at the beginning of the job search.

Date to be confirmed for 2018


Our workshops will give you the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge in an interactive and more personal setting. All sessions are bookable via Careers Online

Employer Tests

This workshop will show you how to make effective use of 'Graduates First' and other resources in preparing for employer tests. You will take two tests online and receive your results and feedback in the form of a report immediately afterwards. A member of our careers team will be running the session and can answer any queries you may have.


To be confirmed

LinkedIn - Workshop

This is an interactive lab session for students to be able to improve their LinkedIn profile and skills with support from Careers staff.

In this session you will be able to:

  • Learn about how to tailor your LinkedIn profile to maximise your chances of being seen by potential recruiters
  • Recognise and utilise the various tools available on LinkedIn to help with your job search and grow your network
  • Ask questions regarding your profile and how to use LinkedIn effectively

This is your chance to work on your LinkedIn profile in real time with experienced staff on hand to help you along the way!

Please note: you must have attended a LinkedIn presentation prior to booking onto the LinkedIn workshop – please see presentations for dates.


Monday 5 March

Find a Mentor!

Start building your network!

Mentoring and networking through Lboro Connect


60% of jobs in the UK are found through networking! This is a very practical workshop that will help you get started on networking and finding a mentor.

Lboro Connect is an online community for Loughborough students and alumni where you can start practising networking in a safe environment. You can ask questions and get help from alumni with experience of your course or the industry you want to work in. To make the most of the workshop, it is best if you can bring a laptop, tablet or smartphone, but this is not a requirement.

If you have any questions about the workshop, please email:


To be confirmed

Global Careers Workshop

Thinking of an international career? Looking for a graduate job with overseas opportunities?

This 2 hour interactive course aims to help you to develop an awareness of different cultures to support you in the recruitment process and in your future career. Participating in the course will help you develop an insight into business culture and provide you with knowledge and competencies to succeed in a culture that is different from your own.

  • Includes introduction to culture, language and body language, the culture of business; different company cultures, a brief insight into Hofstede’s principles and the skills you will need to be  a global employee. Also the effects of culture shock and how to cope with this. We will provide tips to help you find jobs overseas.

The event is open to UK, EU and international undergraduate and post graduate students from any degree subject.

The course is being run by Careers Network and the English Language Support Service.

Participation will count as an activity towards the Loughborough Employability Award.


To be confirmed

Managing your disability in the recruitment process

This workshop is delivered by the Leonard Cheshire Disability Charity covering:

  • Should you disclose your disability to employers? Benefits and pitfalls
  • If you choose to disclose it, when, what and how should you disclose,and what will they do with your information?
  • Getting Experience
  • The Change 100 internship programme
This workshop will also be streamed on Facebook Live. To watch, please like @LboroCareers on Facebook
To be confirmed

Graduate Entry Medicine


Thursday 22 February

Mock Assessment Centres

Mock Assessment Centres for SBE/SSPGS/SSEHS/AED - sponsored by Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Delivered by Careers Network and staff from a range of top company recruiters, you'll hear first-hand what to expect and learn how to prepare effectively. Come along and gain as much practise as you can before your first real assessment centre.

  • Practise some elements of an assessment centre with Careers Network and real SBE/SSPGS/SAED,SSEHS recruiters
  • Have a go at the types of interview questions you may encounter
  • Experience a group activity

These workshops are for students from all years in all SBE/SSPGS/SAED, SSEHS Departments.


Thursday 8 February

Monday 23 April - TBC

Mock Assessment Centres for STEM - sponsored by GE Oil and Gas

Delivered by the Careers Network and staff from a range of top companies who recruit from Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, you'll hear first-hand what to expect and learn how to prepare effectively. Come along and gain as much practise as you can before your first real assessment centre.

  • Practise some elements of an assessment centre with the Careers Network and real engineering and science recruiters
  • Have a go at the types of interview questions you may encounter
  • Experience a group activity

This workshop is for students from all years in all Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Departments



Thursday 15 February 

Mock Assessment Centre - sponsored by Enterprise Rent a Car

Delivered by Careers Network and staff from a range of top company recruiters, you'll hear first-hand what to expect and learn how to prepare effectively. Come along and gain as much practise as you can before your first real assessment centre.

  • Practise some elements of an assessment centre with Careers Network and real recruiters
  • Have a go at the types of interview questions you may encounter
  • Experience a group activity

These workshops are for students from all years in all Departments.


Thursday 8 March

International Students

Workshops for our international student community. All sessions are bookable via Careers Online.

Making yourself attractive to Employers - for Non-EEA students

A presentation to help you to understand what will make you an attractive candidate for employers and also to identify ways of increasing your skills and experience whilst you are studying in the UK. This will be immediately followed by a chance to meet some of our international alumni working in the UK to learn from their experiences - especially in the recruitment process, and then their longer-term career development.


To be confirmed

Working in the UK After Your Studies - for Non-EEA Students

Solicitors Paragon Law will explain the immigration schemes that allow you to stay in the UK to work after your studies.


To be confirmed

Work Experience in the UK/Tier 5 - for Non-EEA Students

Employers will be on campus presenting their service to non-EEA students in the area of Tier 5 Sponsorship and finding work experience opportunities in the UK (6 month/12 months).

Tier 5 powered by AIESEC UK Ltd 

Access Tier 5 provides UK employers an opportunity to offer work experience programmes to skilled non-EEA graduate recruits who wish to undertake work placements in the UK to learn key skills they can take back to their home country.

In contrast to Tier 2 which requires the employer to directly sponsor migrant workers, Tier 5 GAE does not permit employers to sponsor; instead the sponsor has to be an overarching body that has taken the Initiative in setting up a Tier 5 GAE scheme. AISEC UK has been granted an A rated Sponsor License which allows us to issue Certificates of Sponsorship to individuals who meet our eligibility criteria and wish to apply for a Tier 5 GAE Visa to come and experience the social and cultural life in the UK through work experience.


As the UK's largest Official A-rated Tier 5 visa sponsor BUNAC can sponsor international students and provide them with the opportunity to intern and live in the UK across a wide range of internship sectors. These opportunities can be paid or unpaid and will provide you with great insight and experience of working for credible companies in the UK. It’s easy to apply and we can help you to secure your Tier 5 visa by providing you with your Certificate of Sponsorship, making that first step towards an international career.

Taking part in an overseas work or volunteer overseas programme with BUNAC gives you the chance to live, work and travel in a new and exciting country. Working or volunteering abroad is an opportunity to do something challenging and really worthwhile during time out from work or study.

With BUNAC you can combine the everyday working life of countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Britain, Costa Rica, South Africa or Cambodia with fantastic travel opportunities.

PLEASE NOTE: Some organisations charge for their services - please ask about their fee structure before entering into a partnership. Work Experience under Tier 5 visa precludes future work in the UK under a Tier 2 work visa direct from University (which excludes the labour market test - LMT). You would have to apply for Tier 2 in your home country (subject to LMT) and UK immigration quotas.


To be confirmed

International Student Virtual Event Week Dates to be confirmed

Series of careers-related webinars with careers specialists and employer speakers
Different talks held at 12pm 2pm and 6pm each day.  Please see e-Brochure for further details and to book onto webinar sessions. 

Please note topics, dates and times are subject to change.

Making the Most of Your time in the UK
12pm      -
1.15pm  Seaturtle Not Seaweed - Explaining your UK Education and Experience
6pm       Making the most of your time in the UK

Working Globally
12pm     Top Tops from International Recruiters
1.15pm  Becoming a Global Graduate
6pm       Working Globally – led by employer FDM

Returning Home
12pm     KPMG opportunities in China
2pm        Returning to China – student experiences
6pm       Opportunities in your home country – Global Career Company

Working in the UK/EU  
12pm     Tier 5 Opportunities Presentation - Access Tier 5 and BUNAC
2pm       Working in the UK after graduation, visa law, how to apply and tips for applications – Paragon Law (Tier 2)
6pm       Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneurship

Working in the UK/EU                                        
12pm     Writing Global CVs and developing your brand
2pm       Making the most of online professional networking 
6pm       -

Organised by the Midlands International Group - a consortium of 15 Midlands UK Universities

Loughborough Employability Award

Find out more about the Loughborough Employability Award - what's involved and how it will benefit you throughout your journey at Loughborough.

Loughborough Employability Award Induction Sessions

For information on induction dates, please go to the 'How do I enrol onto the Award?' section of the Loughborough Employability Award page.