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University Teachers

University Teachers are staff employed on a casual basis to assist a School in its teaching activities.

There are two types of University Teacher:

 a) Postgraduate students who are employed on an ad-hoc basis to cover teaching, laboratory demonstrations, workshops and seminars. Postgraduate students are not contracted for specific hours and are only asked to work when required. They have the ability to decline work offered to them.  Please find further information about support for teaching here.

b) University Teachers who are not postgraduate students at the University and are employed on a casual basis.  These workers are contracted to work specific hours, which may vary over the course of the year depending on the needs of the School. This in includes single activities as well as teaching covering a whole semester.

For University Teachers as in (b) above, we can offer support and advice in the following ways:

Note that you may be required to undergo a Teaching Observation and colleagues in the Centre for Academic Practice will organise a University Assessor to observe you. 

For more information contact the Centre for Academic Practice directly.