Centre for Academic Practice


21 June 2017

Making the Most of Your Voice

Presented By Eluned Owen
  • 13:30 - 16:30
  • TBC

About this event

This session is optional for those undertaking the PGCAP or ATP. It may also be of interest to experienced lecturers and learning support staff involved in teaching.

--- OVERVIEW ---

The aims of the session are to enable participants to develop a range of techniques for good voice production and to provide diagnostic help for delegates on specific voice issues. Content will include -
* why you have the voice you do
* understanding the way the voice works
* posture
* breathing exercises
* pitch and tone
* articulation
* care of the voice
* making your voice interesting


Participants need to bring with them five minutes of a presentation or lecture to use as material for working on their vocal technique. Participants will need to wear loose, comfortable clothes and flat shoes.