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Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP)

What is the PGCAP?

Please note that the PGCAP is being replaced by the Academic Practice Taught Course for new lecturers from January 2018. Please contact Sarah Turner (S.Turner4@lboro.ac.uk) or for further details.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP) is a credit-bearing programme (TCPT01) comprising four 15-credit modules.  It is based on a model of academic practice which demonstrates the interrelationships between teaching, research and enterprise.  Research can be pedagogic-related and/or subject-specific.  It is a part-time, two year course of study, delivered by blended learning.

Who is it for?

The PGCAP is mandatory for new lecturers on academic probation at Loughborough University.  It can also be taken by other staff seeking a qualification to support their academic practice.  If you are not on academic probation and are unsure about whether it is appropriate, the Decision Tree may help to clarify your options:

What are the benefits?

The PGCAP has been introduced in order to:

  • Extend opportunities for undertaking a teaching award to a wide range of staff who teach and/or support learning in the University
  • Ensure taught accredited provision is integrated into the wider CPD Framework of the University
  • Provide a progressive step within a suite of programmes that can also lead toPostgraduate Diploma in Academic Practice or MA in Academic Practice
  • Offer professional recognition at Descriptor 2 of the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF), i.e. Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA)

Note: The PGCAP replaces the non-credit bearing New Lecturers’ Course. 

What is involved?

The blended learning delivery includes full-day and half-day Study Days and workshops, as well as self-study.  The four modules, all compulsory are:

  • TCP001: Introduction to Academic Practice
  • TCP002: The Responsive Curriculum
  • TCP003: Research, Scholarship and Professional Practice
  • TCP004: Evaluating and Enhancing Practice

Participants are assessed by coursework and a Summative Teaching Observation must be passed in order to complete the Certificate.  

Who oversees the PGCAP?

The Centre for Academic Practice (formerly the Teaching Centre) is the owning department for the Programme.  It has been designated a School for the purposes of the suite of programmes of which the PGCAP is one part.  An Academic Practice Programme Steering Committee ensures appropriate overview of the quality and standards of the provision.

What is the impact of the PGCAP on academic probation?

Satisfactory completion of the PGCAP is a requirement for new lecturers on academic probation.  Included in the PGCAP is contact time with your Probation Advisor, workshops on research and enterprise and reflection on Work Plans.  Delivery is supported by the Research Office, Enterprise Office, Glendonbrook Centre and the Library.  Reports on the progress of new lecturers taking the PGCAP will be made available to HR following the PGCAP Assessment Boards. 

When can I start the PGCAP?

There are three start points for the PGCAP – September, January and April.  If you are on academic probation you must start nearest your own starting date at the University.   Whether or not you are on academic probation you must complete an online application.

How do I apply for the PGCAP?

Everyone undertaking the PGCAP, whether or not it is a probation requirement, has to register using the online application form.  Please read the instructions below:

1.  The Application Portal Login is found on this page:


Click on the link Apply Online: Postgraduate Application Portal

This will allow you to

  • Complete your application entirely online
  • Save your application at any point and return to it later
  • Track your application throughout

2.  Before you can submit an application you need to register. Click on the Register button.   

3.  After you have registered you will receive a confirmation email that your registration has been successful.  This will provide a link back to the original Portal login.

4.  Start a New Application

Remember to click the Save and Continue button when prompted.

You can track your progress using the Application Overview in the right hand column.

5.  Loughborough Staff – add your University Staff Number

Add your Personal Details as requested.

Where Financial Support is a requirement to be added, as a member of staff, please select the option ‘supported by your employer’  Write ‘Loughborough University’ in the box.  Select ‘Yes’ for applying for and obtaining the support.

Add your Contact Details as requested.  You can use your School/department address or home address.

6.  Programme Type:

Select Taught Masters Programme

7.  Programme Selection:

From the drop-down menu select Academic Practice (part-time)

Proposed Qualification of Study PG Cert

Method of Study part-time

Start date – select the date nearest to your start date at the University.  There are three options – September 2016, January 2017, April 2017. 

  • Select September 2016 if your start date as a new lecturer is on or before 19 September 2016
  • Select January 2017 if your start date as a new lecturer is on or before 9 January 2017
  • Select April 2017 if your start date as a new lecturer is on or before 4 April 2017

If you are not on academic probation you can select your preferred start date.

8. Qualifications

If you are not on academic probation, complete this section as required to include both academic and English language qualifications.

If you are on academic probation, you only need to include your highest academic qualification, for example, PhD. If you do not have a class or grade to enter in the required field add ‘not applicable’. Also include your English language qualifications.

9.  Work Experience

You can leave this section blank.

10.  Referees

If you are on academic probation, you do not have to include referees.  In the compulsory fields type ‘not required’. 

If you are not on academic probation you need to have the support of your line manager, so include relevant contact details for the first referee.  Type ‘not required’ in any compulsory fields for the second referee.

11.  Additional Information

Complete the information for Support and identify any special needs if appropriate.  You should also complete the section about Criminal Convictions.

Under Publicity, from the menu options select Loughborough University staff. 

12.  Equal Opportunities

Completion of this section is optional.  However if you choose not to complete the section, please note that it will be recorded as ‘information refused’ against ‘ethnic origin’ and ‘no known disabilities’  

13.  Supporting Documents

You do not need to complete this section

14.  Review and Submit

Use the Application Overview in the right hand column to check if any further details are required.  Use this opportunity to review your application.   Make sure you check the declaration box to show that the information you are submitting is correct.

When satisfied, submit your application using the Submit Application button at the bottom of the page.

15. Confirmation.

If your application is successful you will be emailed with your offer letter. To confirm you have accepted your place you must accept the offer by returning to the Application Portal and clicking on ‘Reply to Offer’ on the right hand side.

16. Registration

It is essential that you are registered as a student (not staff) in order to participate on the PGCAP.  Once you have accepted the place on the programme you will receive an email about online registration with important information on the following:

-          How to obtain your IT credentials (student login)

-          Uploading of a photo for a student id card

-          Registering online

All of these steps are essential for successful registration on the programme.

17.  Student Card

Once your student id card is available from Academic Registry, the PGCAP Administrator will collect this on your behalf.   In order to receive it you will need to provide photo identification (e.g. passport, driving licence).

How can I find out more?

Enquiries to:

Programme Director, Sarah Turner.

Academic Probation, Hardeep Basra.